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NOW Available The Adahs Animal Rescue Shelter Clubs' own private label dog butters and 


Please Note:
I have great news- Adahs Products are soon to be featured locally at The ARLGP NEW GIFT SHOP!Please Read my blog archives and tune into my Blog Talk Radio Show-for product updates-to help support animal rescue shelters!

My granddaughter has collected towels and funds for the animals at the ARLGP, and now she sponsors a dog condo too!

She is helping rescue horses, dogs, cats, and small animals, i.e rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, and the like !!

Learn How You Can Help Support Them and Receive Free Kennel  Kelp!

Buy Now Save Now-BH Sales Donates a % of Sales to Local Animal Rescue Shelters-THANK YOU!
BH Sales Helps Support Cat & Dog Cages at ARLGPBH Sales Kennel Kelp Youth Program
Helps Support Animal Rescue Shelters

Adah has already  procured enough funds to sponsor a dog cage condo at ARLGP in her clubs name!

Adahs Animal Rescue Shelter Club
.15 oz Tube Dog Paw Butter
Price: $4.45
SEE THE NEW Adahs Animal Rescue Shelter Club .15 oz. Tube Dog Paw Butter -Below!

I am also introducing a whole line of pet shampoos and soaps for dogs cats, and soon horses.

The dog products are ready to go. I will be continually updating this page with new products with Adahs Labels on them.

- for now See my Shampoos and Soaps Page Contact me to order any of those products for Adahs rescue efforts, with her private label on them.

I will be listing pricing below-with PayPal Checkout

Any purchases for Adahs product for her Private label products goes to her ARLGP sponsorship, and part to her college fund!

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