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Kennel Kelp USDA Organic Human Grade Kelp   - The Worlds Finest Nutrient Laden Supplement


Blissfully Clean Dogs- This is my manufacturers, Kathy Dannel Vitcak and her able assistant and business partner Ashley, newest product line. LISTEN TO HER ON MY SHOW

I will be working with Kathy to develop my own private line of these fine products. These products in their great original recipes are available here NOW!


Giving the dog a bath is right up there with emptying the cat litter box, toilet scrubbing and cleaning the oven for Top Ten Most Dreaded Chores according to scientific research. 

While I can't go to my customer’s homes and bathe their dogs for them, I do offer products that make the process decidedly more blissful.

Every item in the Blissfully Clean Dogs Collection is crafted for our dogs unique coat needs using the finest of natural and organic ingredients.

Of course the products work…you expect that from us. Eye-catching labels and collateral that entices your customers to stop, look again and purchase is also part of what we provide. 

And that’s what it’s all about...
  • Products that work
  • Products that help dogs look and feel better
  • Products that make your customers smile
  • Products that you enjoy selling

My customers count on me to be their Canine Concierge, to keep their dog looking and feeling blissful. What is best for each and every dog from head to tail?

Having a smelly dog, a dog with a matted, tangled coat, a perpetually shedding dog or a dog with a high maintenance coat style are some of the top reasons clients purchase grooming products or seek grooming services. 

Our Promise: To provide time-saving, easy-to-use, all-natural dog coat care products that work and are fun to use

THE BEST COMBINATION OF NATURE AND SCIENCE FOR BLISSFULLY CLEAN DOGS The Blissfully Clean Dogs Collection offers everything you need to keep your client dogs (and your own dogs) in their best possible condition. 

We partnered with a leading dog products manufacturer, which includes a team of dog show professionals, scientists and dog savvy chemists, to find the perfect balance of nature and science for dog coat care. 

Our shampoo and soap line has dog bath and body needs covered; from gentle puppy baths to full on cleansing and finishing for the most coiffed of dogs, your desires are met. 

Below is a very quick overview of each product, with a full description and all the scoop available on each product's dedicated pages. 

Of course, every item in the Blissfully Clean Dogs Collection is consciously crafted for your dogs unique coat needs using the finest of natural and organic ingredients.

 Fun is a BIG DEAL to us, we want you to have fun selling out products and your customers to have fun buying and using them. So, we offer sassy labels and product names to bring a touch of whimsy to the dog bathing process.

BYE BYE BOO BOO Dog Spray on affected areas. 

For problem spots that need even MORE apply BOO BOO BUTTER as needed. 

Bye Bye Boo Boo…Hello Bliss!


Clarifies and cleanses the coat of residue or build-up and prepares it for conditioning and finishing. It’s a great all-around, yet luxurious cleanser.  
BH Sales Custom Rich Bitch Shampoo
1 16 ounce rich bitch shampoo
Price: $18.95

BH Sales Custom Rich Bitch Shampoo
1 gallon rich bitch dog shampoo
Price: $69.95

Bar Soap 
Has the pampering power of Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil for more moisturizing oomph. Ready to use or dilute (shampoo).

BH Sales Custom Rich Bitch Soap
1 bar/tin rich bitch soap for dogs
Price: $9.95

 Shampoo & SoapExtra down and dirty cleansing for those filthy, dirty stinky dogs. Ready to use or dilute (shampoo).

BH Sales Custom Dirty Dog Shampoo
1 16 ounce dirty dog shampoo
Price: $18.95

BH Sales Dirty Dog Shampoo
1 gallon dirty dog shampoo
Price: $69.95

Dog Shampoo & Soap
Formulated for puppies, senior dogs and those with extra sensitive skin. Ready to use or dilute (shampoo).

BH Sales Gentle Touch Dog Soap
Gentle Touch Dog Soap
Price: $9.95

BH Sales Custom Gentle Touch Shampoo
1 16 ounce gentle touch dog shampoo
Price: $18.95

Gentle Touch Soap Dog Soap
BH Sales Custom Gentle Touch Shampoo
1 gallon gentle touch dog shampoo
Price: $69.95

BODY & BOUNCE Dog Shampoo
For textured coats that need extra body and fullness. Ready to use or dilute (shampoo).

BH Sales Custom Body Bounce Shampoo
1 16 ounce bottle body bounce dog shampoo
Price: $18.95
BH Sales Custom Body and Bounce
1 gallon bottle body & bounce dog shampoo
Price: $69.95

Our all around conditioner, formulated to work with every single one of our shampoos and soaps. Ideal for heavy, matted, tangled coats that need more attention. Ready to use or dilute.

BH Sales Custom Flawless Finish
1 16 ounce bottle flawless finisher dog
Price: $18.95

BH Sales Custom Flawless Finish
1 gallon Flawless Finish dog
Price: $69.95

SHINE ON+SHEEN! Coat SprayYour #1 Go-To Grooming Tool. Spray full strength before grooming to loosen stubborn mats and tangles and ensure an easier brushing experience (for both of you). 

Use BEFORE and AFTER bathing and conditioning dogs with silky, flowing coats and dogs with heavy undercoats. 

For short-coated dogs use after and in-between baths for a quick refresher and touch of sheen.
BH Sales Custom Shine on Sheen
1 bottle spray shine on sheen for dogs
Price: $14.95

BYE BYE BOO BOO Dog Shampoo, Soap & 
Spray  Bathe 
your dog with dry, irritated, itchy skin bathe with the shampoo or soap, then spray 
BH Sales Custom Shampoo
1 16 ounce bottle dog shampoo
Price: $18.95

BH Sales Bye Bye Boo Boo Shampoo
1 gallon boo boo shampoo for dogs
Price: $69.95


BH Sales Bye Bye Boo Boo Spray
1 bottle bye bye boo boo spray for dogs
Price: $14.95

BUG OFF Spray & Soap
 Lather up and bathe your buggy buddy with 
BUG OFF Soap and follow with 

BH Sales Bug Off Soap
1 bar/tin bug off soap for dogs
Price: $9.95

BUG OFF Spray.
 Use BUG OFF Spray as needed to get rid of pesky pests.

BH Sales Bug Off Spray
1 bottle bug off spray for dogs
Price: $14.95

SIMPLY CLEAN Ear Cleaner It does just what it says...simply cleans dirty dog ears. I love it when something actually does what it is supposed to.

BH Sales Simply Clean Ear Cleaner
BH Sales 4 ounce. bottle Dog Ear Cleaner Solution
Price: $6.95

BH Sales Simply Ear Cleaner
16 ounce bottle of Dog Ear Cleaner Simply Ear
Price: $19.95

NOTE: Custom labels are only available for SOAP and the 4 oz Simply Clean Ear Cleaner.