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BH Sales Partnership Marketing
BH Sales Joint Marketing-

Affords my clients extra value-

I just started to communicate with Amy Duggan in her capacity as the Vendor Chairperson for The Sled Dog Show in late Sept early October in Contoocook New Hampshire that I was just invited to a few days ago.

I am interested in introducing my Liberty Wristband to her for her business at Mountain Ridge.
 She offers leashes with loop handles-This hands off full control  Liberty Wristband, has actually been posed by one of my own clients- asking about long loop handle leashes for skijoring dog owners SEE MY TESTIMONIALS

Skijoring is becoming very popular as it doesn't require a team of dogs, just one is necessary. 

It is also being translated into rollerblading, biking and scootering! You will find belts at Amy's establishment for the musher, and towlines with bungees in them to hook your dog to! 

If you have more than one dog there is an option with the towline to add an extra tug rope as well as a quick release snap. MAYBE SOON the Mushers will
have the option of being skijoring hands off owners of this MEDICAL DEVICE Liberty Wristband?

I'll bring them along to their show for my table top display in late September! 

We have everything you will need at Mountain Ridge to enjoy getting out with your dog! Check out the HARNESS page to outfit your canine athlete, you will find a variety of harness styles to accommodate all forms of mushing!

I started working with my new collaborative marketers earlier this year. I am cultivating more Maine Businesses for my Maine Cross Promotion!

Taste of Maine Blueberry Tea
This program will enhance the opportunity for BH Sales to work with independent small proprietors offering their companion products that would accentuate my own fine holistic health care products, and vice versa.

Adams Horse Supplies

This vendor intrigued me by offering accessories that would compliment my own new BH Sales Custom Horse Butters, and my additional broadening line of fine Equine Health Care Products. SEE Laura's Blog she is co-jointly marketing my Horse Butters!

I am embarking on this path of interfacing with like minded suppliers in this new year-2017.

I'll be working with her promoting my New Custom Blissfully Clean Dog Shampoo and Soap line, and my dog butters and aromatherapy, and earthen clay, diatomaceous earth, and more blends too!

My efforts are to direct clients sales via "direct to the manufacturer"  using my BH Sales 50/25 Program. 

My market segment presently serves several animal owning variables. BH Sales Auto Ship-Enroll Now

This is to say, I provide products,  including Kennel Kelp, to farmers
ranchers, multiple pet, and single household pet environments.

My combination of holistic pet and human health care products provides a healthy 1 stop shop family purchase virtual mall.

I am pleased to announce my most exciting BH Sales partnership opportunity.  I am asking my existing clients, and new clients to assist me in continuing my campaign to assist animal rescue shelters. I am also starting my campaign to assist disabled dog owners.

I am hoping to spread awareness of my BH Sales Powerful Healing Kennel Kelp Powders and BH Sales Earthen Clays for clients urgently yearning for solutions and relief of pain and discomfort for their pets’ and for their own human discomforts and maladies.

 When clients contact me with the "code", they immediately become lifetime members of this program, regardless of their degree of frequency of ordering and reordering

The process allows you to become an advocate for the BH Sales Animal Rescue Shelter Programs mission. 
In return, my unique program allows you to generate savings for yourself, your friends,  your family, and your business associates.

How it works: I will provide you a unique promo code associated exclusively to “you” the initiator of this program inquiry . 

You then share your unique code with your family, friends, and business associates, and they too can share on their respective own social media channels, your club newsletters, via word of mouth,etc,etc., 

You will simply be providing your followers an opportunity to attain a 25% discount on their entire order from BH Sales. 

When your referrals translates to a sale at my website, each you receive a 25% discount BH Sales Virtual Voucher.

The new customer who contacts me with a new order referring to “your code”; they get a 25% discount, you too receive a virtual voucher and most importantly - the pets, and family members who use my human supplements,  ALL receive the health benefits of high efficacy, all natural, fully guaranteed holistic BH Sales health care products.