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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Why My Custom Dog Paw Butter is Better!
BH Sales Kennel Kelp Custom Blend Dog Salon Skin Care Package Sale+
BH Sales Kennel Kelp Custom Holistic Canine Health Care Products Sale+
BH Sales Kennel Kelp Custom Blend Dog Shampoos for Dog Groomers
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February 2017

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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Why My Custom Dog Paw Butter is Better!

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Dog Butters

The big difference BH Sales Kennel Kelp Custom Dog Butters have additions of my BH Sales Icelandic Kelp Powder and AquiTerra Clay.

This is especially important when you are attempting to protect and condition your dog pet paws.
When you use the "industry standard" petroleum based butters,you’re actually drying out your pets paw pads by keeping out air and vital internal paw/foot, skin care moisture. 

What’s more, the thick texture makes it difficult to cleanse from the skin, so when you slather Vaseline on a dogs paw,  “It essentially seals in the dirt,”. 

This "Was" a big problem for my race dog clients, experiencing "sand toe. While Vaseline is a highly refined petroleum, so it won't clog pores, and it does create a good barrier to dirt and debris, but it gloms up- much like the most popular petroleum based paw balms, they don't really soothe and medicate.

BH Sales Custom Dog Butters , when you apply a little before you go out and it forms a barrier between the dogs paw and the environment and a little more after the pet returns  inside, this will prevent irritation and heal and medicate the paw. 

Note you should never use Petroleum jelly or Petroleum based products on your dogs pads; petroleum jelly contains petrolatum, which can cause gastrointestinal upset if ingested. 

This in and of itself isn't usually serious, it can cause such ailments as stomach aches, vomiting or diarrhea. 

In addition, there is a very small possibility of pneumonia if the balm is taken into the lungs while being eaten or vomited up from the stomach.

In most instances, petroleum jelly has low toxicity for dogs. 

When a dog consumes petroleum jelly the pet loses fluids through vomiting loose stools, extra Sacred Clay water should be provided to prevent dehydration.

Kennel Kelp Powder is a rich source of natural vitamins and minerals which include essential trace elements for your pet’s balanced growth, health and production. 

When you add Kennel Kelp to your pets food, your pet will love the taste! 
Kennel Kelp Powder can serve as an excellent source of minerals such as iron, iodine, potassium, trace minerals and has a high digestible protein level.

Kelp Powder is a source of antioxidants, but it also contains certain types of antioxidants not commonly found in other foods. These include several alkaloids, the vitamins C and E, plus minerals, zinc and manganese.

Kennel Kelp Powder is the most nutritious and excellent source of potassium, it is easily sprinkled over your pet’s food.

Kelp improves digestive health in several different ways. 

Dealers Wanted

High protein and fiber content keeps your dog full longer and eliminates constipation with regular consumption. In addition, Kelp helps break down complex starches that deliver slow released energy.                                                                

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Custom Blend Dog Salon Skin Care Package Sale+

BH Sales Holistic Dog Supplements
Kennel Kelp Custom Blend Dog Grooming Salon Skin Care Package

If you could gain positive $ profits at your counter sales; from grooming customers as they pick up their pets, offering healthy skincare products, can generate extra dollars added to your service fee’s at checkout, would that sound interesting ?

When you entertain offering BH Sales Holistic Canine Health Care Products- You stand to gain “profits”.

You know your clients, you know their dogs, you know their dogs needs, YOU CAN NOW BECOME A ONE STOP SHOP for your clients solving their pets individual needs!

You would implement your own best assessment methods, but for example a theorem would contain these components:
 groomer grooms x #‘s of dogs per day on average.
BH Sales offers many FREE Value Added Services


x #’s of dogs per day,  =  x # of $$ extra income per dog = X New Total $$ more in income per day 
( over and above your services rendered fees)


For a five day work week, that's  X #’S OF DAYS TOTALS $$ x 5 days = X # $$ =more income per week
Or in a four week month, that's  X # OF $ more in income per month

Which is x # of= $ more in income per annum
What could you do with  x# of $$ in extra income right now?

BH Sales works creatively with my manufacturer, Blissful Dogs, who do the manufacturing of this fine Blissfully Clean Dog Skin Care and Dog Butters and Dog Aromatherapy Line.

The products are specifically geared to reducing groomers physicality, stress, tension, and TIME-

This will allow the shop proprietor to create ways to groom more dogs per day, more cost effectively.

You can easily create a more expert service to your customers by helping them solve their pet problems.  

This doesn't take anymore time on your behalf, but you will have happier customers and be making more money which means you will be happier too.

How it works: Chances are that every single dog that you groom has at least one if not more issues that you would address if it were your dog. 

If it were your dog, what would you use to cure that constant ear infection or ear mites? Why BH Sales Simply Clean Ears of Course!

If it were your dog, what product would you use to soothe that dry, itchy skin? What would you use to prevent those matts in between grooming appointments? Why BH Sales Custom Shampoos and Soaps of Course! 

If you help your clients to solve these problems, how much more respect are they going to have for you? How much more appreciation are they going to have for your professional knowledge? 

 You have just created enormous value and you have gained a customer for life. A customer that is going to recommend you to their friends because "you care". 


What else is also going to happen, is that each of those additional products or services that you recommend, is going to, on average, add an additional $ of profit to each and every dog that you groom. 

For EVERY single pet that comes into your shop for grooming, you will be able to offer personalized recommendations to the owners of your in shop client pets. 

BH Sales Pet Grooming Program provides Add-on/Up-sell Counter Top and Shelving Display Opportunities & Ideas and  product info sell sheets:

Ear Products

Flea Products
Please see my private label liquid glucosamines, kelps, and earthen clays too!

Skin & Coat Products

De-shedding or shed-free services and products.

Creative grooming themed packages

BH Sales offers Many Free Value Added Services FREE OF CHARGE,i.e custom labeling, product info sheets, samples for Natural grooming product upgrades and more!

I have a free partnership marketing program where I recommend products and refer customers to your  salon and your website for purchasing details. 

Sell inventory through consignment. BH Sales has many flexible plan options for shop proprietors.

Offer a monthly in house BH Sales Custom Products via membership club, discount cards, whatever I’ll work with you free consultation..
BH Sales can offer Grooming packages for all the holidays with YOUR OWN PRODUCTS CUSTOM LABELING AVAILABLE-FREE. 

My BH Sales Groomer's Profit Kit is strategically designed to work as a easy to use  in salon system to make it super easy for you to begin using the displays, today

Easy & Inexpensive
Simple Strategies To Keep Your Customers Coming Back Again & Again
Effortless Ways To Get 

Your Customers To Pay You  via High Efficacy Fully Guaranteed Competitively Priced All Organic and Natural Products

BH Sales offers Free Consults to explore-Ideas & Projects For Acquiring You More Customers
Ideas & Projects For Increasing Your Sales & Profit

Ideas & Projects For Increasing and Maintaining your Customer Retention

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Custom Holistic Canine Health Care Products Sale+

BH Sales Complete Dog Health Care
Custom Blend Dog Butters. Kennel Kelp Icelandic Powder and AquiTerra Clay

The Dog  PAW BUTTER is TLC for your dog's rough, dry paw pads. PAW BUTTER provides layers of moisturizing support for your dog's rough, dry paw pads. 

Sure, your dog’s paw pads are strong and tough, but they still need paw-pampering! Trotting beside you on hot pavement or through snow and ice will brutalize your dog’s paws. 

In the winter the salt and chemicals used to remove ice from sidewalks are harsh on your dog’s paws and in the summer sidewalks are HOT!

Dogs living the country life have to deal with brambles, stickers, thorns and all else Mother Nature throws their way. Even the hardest working ranch dog needs paw support.


Dog elbow calluses are unsightly, uncomfortable and can lead to more serious health issues, such as infection. ELBOW BUTTER, for your dog's elbow callus, is packed full of rich, uber-moisturizers with herbal healing benefits.

ELBOW BUTTER melts into your dog’s elbow callus, bringing comfort, easing the tightness of the elbow callus and helps prevent cracking and splitting. 

ELBOW BUTTER will help remove your dog’s callus, grow the hair back,  it will moisturize their calluses and infuse it with healing herbal organic good stuff, to include my Kennel Kelp & Aquiterra Clay.


Your dog counts on his sense of smell to provide info and a moist, healthy nose is vital to that info gathering. A healthy dog nose acts like flypaper, as the smells carrying info stick to the moist surface and are then processed via your dog's powerful scent glands. 

If the crust covers your dog’s whole nose and looks like barnacles or scab, your dog may have a condition known as Nasal Hyperkeratosis. Don’t despair, we have all the help your dog’s nose need!

NOSE BUTTER® moisturizes your dog’s nose, reviving and softening the tissues with layers of organic and natural butters and oils. 

BOO BOO BUTTER is a rich salve/balm/
ointment, great for any issue that needs extra support and old fashioned fixing. 

No artificial ingredients, no synthetics, no petroleum by-products, nothing you cannot pronounce, just good stuff to support your dog's healing process.  

Think of BOO BOO BUTTER as your dog's natural alternative ointment for minor scrapes, cuts, bug bites, rashes, fungal skin issues and itchy skin irritations. 

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Custom Blend Dog Shampoos for Dog Groomers

BH Sales Custom Shampoos

BODY & BOUNCE Dog Shampoo for Volume, Volume, VOLUME! BODY & BOUNCE Created for Texture Craving Coats 

Calling all Poodles, Bichons, Coated Terriers…any dog with coat that demands MORE! Body & Bounce delivers cleaning power, while keeping the coat ready for styling. Nice. Dilute for your dog’s specific coat needs •

All Purpose bath dilute up to 10:1 • For De-greasing use straight from the bottle 


Water, Coconut Derived Cleansers, Oat Protein, Aloe, Rosemary, Fragrance (Botanical Essence of Fresh Apple, Jasmine and Vanilla) and Paraben Free Preservatives

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Custom Blends Independent Ingredient Broker Sale+

BH Sales
There is something about using bar soap that is grounding.

Bar soap is a wonderful alternative to shampoo for our dogs. 

RICH BITCH Luxury bar for those dogs who demand the best

  • Buy Now Save Now

  • BYE BYE BOO BOO For dogs with skin irritations, itches and aggravations need more. 

  • GENTLE TOUCH For puppies and more sensitive dogs
These products will keep your dogs skin and coat brilliantly glowing and healthy-add my Kennel Kelp for dogs too!

DIRTY, DIRTY DOG Get that filthy, dirty dog clean now.


  • BUG OFF! Helps get rid of those pesky insects that plague our best friends