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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Week In Review New Products Blog Sale
BH Sales Group Purchasing Plan Garden & Soil Amendments
BH Sales Group Purchasing Paleo Food-Skincare-Make-Up+
BH Sales Kennel Kelp Group Buying Human Animal Nutrition
BH Sales Kennel Kelp Group Savings Plans for Volume Users


BH Sales Holistic Health Care Supplements
BH Sales Holistic Health Care Products
BH Sales Holistic health Care Supplement
BH Sales Holistic Health Care Supplements
BH Sales Holistic Health Care Supplemnets
BH Sales Holistic Health Care Supplemnts
BH Sales Holistic Health Csre Supplements
BH Sales Holistic HealthCare Supplements
BH Sales Holistic Healtrh Care Supplements
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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Holistic Health Care Supplements
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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Week In Review New Products Blog Sale

BH Sales Weekly Recap

This week was quite involved with client follow up. All precipitated by my BH Sales Group Purchasing Plans.

Promotion of my new Liberty Wristband continues with a mass marketing campaign, lots of contact with dog clubs, breeders, mushers ,
pet advocates, dog walking clubs and dog owners in general.

Next Project for BH Sales-is continuing to prepare for my granddaughters second grade Adahs Garden Club and Worm Club 2 Project.

The program will culminate in the students growing and harvesting their produce for distribution to the needy within the community; and the establishment of specifically designed neighborhood routes. 

All of their products will be distributed and used by the students to enhance their community awareness curricula in and out of the classroom.

Seeds of ACTION!
Community Support Program
will serve as a grounds to train and assist me in both supplying goods, to facilitate engaging youth in agriculture, but will aid in improving access to local, organic food for low-income community members.

The class will be learning the value of organic food, high in quality, and will be providing local fresh food for local people at the poverty line.

My ultimate hope is to interface with local charities and food banks, soup kitchens , etal -

To teach how bedding plants each spring for low-income residents perhaps they can experiment with growing some of their own food?

I will be blogging more about this next week with instant blog sales for each daily segmented BH Sales Featured Product.

Todays Instant Blog Sale 3 lbs BH Sales Dog Collagen 1 Liberty Wristband 25% discountJUST $49.99

Take Advantage of The Special Sales
Page and Combos Page of my website

I have reached out to my vendors, and I will be asking the local community and parents assistance also-


BH Sales Group Purchasing Plan Garden & Soil Amendments

BH Sales Group Garden Party
My BH Sales Group Purchasing Plan is applicable to my soil amendments.
  • Designed to provide vital airspace for plant roots
  • Adjustable size
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Patented

Community Garden Clubs Neighborhood Garden Clubs
Combined Family Friends Business Associates GROUP Buying


My BH Sales Group Purchasing Plan is applicable to my soil amendments.

My Newest BH Sales Garden and Soil Product  Coming in October:
 Sneak preview of a unique new product
Smart Soil Separator

The Smart Soil Separator™ is designed to extend plant life by providing a permanent airspace to the plant's root system.

The flexible design of the Smart Soil Separator allows it to function in a variety of containers where the bottom measurement of the pot falls between 5" to 7.5" and there is one or more drain holes in the bottom.

It works equally well in both indoor and outdoor applications and is completely reusable. We have seen remarkable results in testing the Smart Soil Separator in our own Smart Grow™ one and two gallon growing containers with matching saucers.

Indoor Plants
Growing plants indoors is easy and fun no matter what the season or the weather outside. House plants can thrive in an array of light conditions and room temperatures.

Most prefer to dry somewhat between watering so make sure the pot you are using has drainage holes and some type of saucer to protect your furniture.

Adding the Smart Soil Separator will make a significant improvement in the health of your house plants.

In return, your healthy plants will be able to do their job of helping to clean the indoor air.

No More Rocks
The needs of plants and their root systems have often been ignored by pot designers.

To improve growing conditions "conventional wisdom" was applied and rocks were often added.

It was thought the rocks would increase drainage. However, the use of rocks has the opposite effect.

Over time plant roots circle in the rocks, creating a swamp, reducing both air and water drainage and adding stress to the plant.

Plant Roots Are Starving for Air!
There is little understanding of the importance of air to potted plants.

The only source of air to the roots are the open pore spaces in the potting mix.

Quality potting mixes will allow air to move down through the root system. Compacted or poor quality potting mix restricts the air to the roots resulting in poor root development and growth.

By using the Smart Soil Separator in all your potted plants, you are creating the much needed air space.

Open spaces in soil mix allows air to move down

Creates Permanent Air Space

Here is what Experts Say

The lack of air at the root level reduces root respiration (one of the key ways a cell gains energy) resulting in the shutting down of photosynthesis in the leaves above.

Air at the root level allows roots to extract both water and nutrients more efficiently.

Air protects the roots from attacks by pathogens – infectious attacks by such things as a virus which can stunt the plant or actually cause its death.

"Plants can't take up nutrients without air. Plants need air around their roots for nutrients to pass from the water in the soil to their roots.

- Ed Smith, The Vegetable Gardener's Bible
Plants benefit from more air at the roots

Circling Roots
This is a condition that occurs in nearly all potted plants and is a constant problem in house plants that tend to spend their entire life in the same pot.

They are large and easy to spot when a plant is removed from its container.

"Standard pots encourage the development of roots to grow around the container in a constricted pattern,"
state gardening experts at the University of Washington.

"Plants with circling roots have difficulty getting enough water and nutrients, shortening the plant's life," according to Oregon State University.

Gardening How To magazine recommends checking house plants for circling roots and "perform some root pruning to help plants survive."

Pruning Circling Roots

Researchers at Washington State University have found that, "Circling roots are 'burned' or pruned when exposed to AIR."

The permanent airspace created by the Smart Soil Separator prevents the growth of circling roots in houseplants.

Highly Branched Roots
"When exposed to AIR, the plant will constantly produce new and highly branched roots," Washington State University emphasized.

"These highly branched root structures allow a plant to more efficiently uptake water and nutrients while increasing the growth and overall plant health," University of Washington added.

Add A Smart Soil Separator
• Give new life to any indoor plant
• No More Rocks - Creates Perfect Drainage
• Adjustable for smaller pot sizes
Perfect for any house plant
new plant or an already potted plant

BH Sales Group Purchasing Paleo Food-Skincare-Make-Up+

BH Sales Group Purchasing Paleo+
Paleo Foods Skincare Products + more
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BH Sales Paleo Group Purchasing
I have been blogging in my last couple of editions about my BH Sales Group Purchasing Plans.

I wanted to talk today about how the BH Sales Group Purchasing Plan is not only applicable to my animal health care products, but also my Paleo Foods and Primal Life Organics Food for your face and body.

Wise Choice Market Paleo Foods

Vital Choice Paleo
Buy Now Save Now

Nutiva Paleo Foods

Buy Now Save Now

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Group Buying Human Animal Nutrition

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Group Buying Club for Animal and Human Nutrition

                                 BUY NOW SAVE NOW

Yesterday I blogged about my BH Sales Group Purchasing Plan. In yesterdays edition of my blog ,

I outlined how this program is applicable to large group members, i.e. breeders, dog clubs, dog walking clubs, large breed clubs, etc as it pertains to animal health and nutrition.

Today; I want to repeat how the program is applicable to ALL of my BH Sales products, home and garden amendments and supplies,

Worm Factories, Urbin Grower bins, healthy green foods, raw foods, and BH Sales human supplements as well.This is truly a one stop shop opportunity.

I have specific customizable plans for large corporate employee programs also see my Blog Talk Radio archives.

I have designed a brief form, see my home page of my website to generate initial interest levels-the more participants the deeper the discounting.

Ancillary benefits also afford participating members select buying options on my already deeply discounted combo packs, auto ship plans, customer reward and incentives and so much more.

The testimonials are coming in daily see my testimonial page.

This program can easily retrofit into my BH Sales 50/25 program and you can enjoy deep discounting opportunities with vendors listed on my website Primal Life Organics, Heirloom Organics Seeds,  Vital Choice, Nutiva, Live Superfoods, Green Polka Dot Box,Wise Choice Market BH Sales Sea Veggies, BH Sales Collagen and much more.

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Group Savings Plans for Volume Users

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Group Purchasing Plans

Stretch your feed dollar BH Sales 1000 - High I Kelp Blend, Certified Organic
Revolutionary new formulation blends the world’s finest certified organic nutrient sources to deliver 1000 ppm guaranteed Iodine.

Thorvin 1000 is specifically designed as an ingredient in formulated feeds. Because it contains 2X the iodine of other kelp products, it provides more iodine at a lower cost, you need less when mixing your formula.

I received an inquiry from an existing Kennel Kelp client, as she received her most recent order, and posed the invitation to submit samples, and literature, introduce my KK products to her dog hunting club.

This gives me pause to revisit my Group
Purchasing Plans:
These plans are customizable here's thumbnail template of the options these plans can present for additional and significant savings on KK Products:
Kennel Kelp Group Purchasing Program Association
Group Purchasing Program Association Members are entitled to exclusive discounts on products and services that help save their organizations time and money.

The objective of the program would be to achieve the significant savings available on the products, provide what would be a perceived value added service particularly in these tougher economic times.

As a small business proprietor, when considering formulating a group purchase feed buying proposal, a short list of considerations would include the following: How Best to deliver substantial cost savings-through local dealers-on products and services.

Provide Value-Added Services i.e, delivery incentives, usage surveys that
help buyers develop a long-term buying strategy based on feed supply needs, and assists when judging the timing of their purchases,etc.

Another challenge would be continually increasing the popularity of the program and improving economic budget constraints for individual participants.

My immediate rough draft list already includes these components for implementation:

Examine the cost-plus/distribution fee/mark-up percentage.

 Minimum order requirements or extra fees.
Value added services: Method of ordering Reports
 Payment terms.

The final draft would have to instill the confidence of the programs participants to concur:that by being a Kennel Kelp Buying Club Member:Cooperative Kennel Kelp-Buying Club: Being in a Kennel Kelp buying club translates to buying power.

These groups consist of a group of people that pool their financial resources in order to purchase Kennel Kelp in bulk at wholesale prices. A Kennel Kelp buying club can be as small as 5 people or as large as 100.

Kennel Kelp buying clubs are great since they make healthy options more accessible to pet owners who'd like to provide healthier pet food supplement options, but are working on a tight budget.

I am presently somewhere in the "rough draft" phase.

Here is what I have already in place

Group Purchasing Programs__ SAVE $$ ON KENNEL KELP PRODUCTS

Kennel Kelp Group Purchase Program is a direct from Kennel Kelp quantity purchase program.

With a minimum qualifying amount, it allows yourself, family, friends and colleagues to save between 15-30% off the retail price of Kennel Kelp quality holistic healthcare products.

Kennel Kelp's Group Purchase Program ~ 3 Steps To Savings

1.. The minimum opening order to participate in the KKGPP is determined by selecting one of the three GROUP PURCHASING PLANS

2.. Contact me for further details on the KKGPP and let me know if you require a handy KK Order Sheet e mail me at

Distribute a Kennel Kelp Group Purchase Sheet to each member of your group. Let everyone know when their orders are due back to you, and to whom they should make any checks payable to, such as the coordinator of your group.

3.. Then you can place your order online and Contact Me and pay by Visa, or MasterCard.

Please note that your order will not be processed until the  cc payment is received, so please be sure that Kennel Kelp receives it at least 5 business days prior to your selected delivery date, or submit your order via e mail  or via my contact us page at my website, whichever option you prefer.

I will send your group an order acknowledgment, when your order arrives, please check it against the order acknowledgment to ensure 100% accuracy.

PRIVILEGE CARD OFFER! With your order each member of your group will receive a numbered Kennel Kelp Privilege Card.

This card entitles members ( in correlation to the initial plan selected) to a minimum of 15%, and up to a 30% savings on all orders placed through the Group at my website

(1) GOLD PURCHASING Customer must provide proof of being a member of the KKGPP under the criteria listed above.Annual Target Volume is $1500 per group, per calendar year. The minimum opening order is $700 net. Continuing orders must total $500 net each.The group meeting this criteria will receive a 30% discount

(2) SILVER PURCHASING PLAN Customer must provide proof of being a member of the KKGPP under the criteria listed above.The Annual Target Volume is $1,000 per group, per calendar year. The minimum opening order is $500 net. - Continuing orders must total $300 net each . The group meeting this criteria will receive a 25% discount

(3) BRONZE PURCHASING PLANCustomer must provide proof of being a member of the KKGPP under the criteria listed above.The Annual Target Volume is $750 per group per calendar year. The minimum opening order is $150 net. Continuing orders must total $75 net each . -The group meeting this criteria will receive a 15% discount

Purpose of my Kennel Kelp Group Purchase Plan Bring value to my shared customers through the establishment of a private shopping community.

Offer competitive pricing in exchange for business volume and business growth.

Produce strong discounts for my partner clients through the structure of a group purchasing plan that rewards my members for the volume they produce.

If your ambitions are to utilize superlative pet health care products, and ENJOY SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS,- my Kennel Kelp Savings Programs are based on the unyielding principles of trust, interoperability, and collaborative strength between breeder/other club member and customer, and customer and supplier -

Kennel Kelp offers an intelligent solution (based upon proven principles) to meet or exceed each expectation.