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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Week in Review Scary Halloween Specials
BH Sales Kennel Kelp Vital Choice Beef It's What's for Dinner
BH Sales Kennel Kelp Live Superfood Special Sale
BH Sacred Clay Water + More Clay "Gut' Health Enhancers
BH Sales Kennel Kelp and Vital Choice for Paleo Breakfast


BH Sales Holistic Health Care Supplements
BH Sales Holistic Health Care Products
BH Sales Holistic health Care Supplement
BH Sales Holistic Health Care Supplements
BH Sales Holistic Health Care Supplemnets
BH Sales Holistic Health Care Supplemnts
BH Sales Holistic Health Care Supplemts
BH Sales Holistic Health Csre Supplements
BH Sales Holistic Healthcare Supplement
BH Sales Holistic Healthcare Supplements
BH Sales Holistic Healtrh Care Supplements
BH Sales Holistivc Health Care Suppelements
BH Sales Holisutic Health Care Supplements
BH Sales Kennel Kelp Holistic Health Care Supplements
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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Week in Review Scary Halloween Specials

BH Sales Weekly Recap

This past week I wrote a lot about establishing a Paleo Diet and  strengthening the immune system.

I have been talking about my BH Sales Sacred Clay products and how they work to enhance the immune system.

When coupled with my Kennel Kelp and BH Sales Diatomaceous Earth enact a new metabolism.

My BH Sales 50/25 Program allows the marriage of superlative Paleo Food options and
great BH Sales Supplements= highest efficacy= unconditionally guaranteed= and at very competitive pricing.


BH Sales Kennel Kelp Vital Choice Beef It's What's for Dinner

BH Sales Vital Choice Beef
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Ashwagandha Hot Chocolate Recipe (boosts reproductive health!)
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» Natural Remedies For Dandruff 

BH Sacred Clay Water + More Clay "Gut' Health Enhancers

BH Sales Sacred Clay Products 

Enhance Immune System and Good Gut Health
I have blogged in the past about my own daily use of my BH Sales Sacred Clay 1 such way is my water:

Four Clay Water Mineral Drink Recipes

#1 – Morning Flush Clay Water Mineral Drink
First thing in the morning before shower, meditation, workout or breakfast:
one pint (1/2 liter) or more (as desired) of filtered water in a glass jar or bottle
1 teaspoon Ancient Mineral Blend
1/8 teaspoon Vitallite (daytime use only due to its energizing properties)
1 tiny scoop Ormalite (1/30th tsp.) (optional) (excellent prior to meditation or for stress reduction)
Squeeze of Lemon or lime (optional)

A pinch of Himalayan Salt or 1/2 teaspoon Soley (optional)
Consume entire pint (or as much as desired) shortly after rising. The purpose of this drink is to flush toxins from the liver and kidneys that were being processed during the night, generate early morning energy & a feeling of well being.

Drinking a larger amount of water at once stimulates a flushing action on the kidneys within about 3 hours. The hydrating effects of water in general are noticed within 24-72 hours at first (sooner with the Clay water). When the Clay Water is maintained hydration effects of brightness, energy and a clearer head are noticed immediately upon consumption.

#2 – Mid-Morning Clay Water Mineral Drink
Designed to replace the typical water bottle, energy drinks, colas, fruit drinks, vitamin waters, and Gatorade-type drinks. Consume portions prior to breakfast or lunch or 2 hours after the meal (so as not to dilute stomach acids required for digestion) and throughout the day as desired:
one pint (1/2 liter) of filtered water in a glass jar or bottle
1 tablespoon Sacred Clay
1 teaspoon Ancient Mineral Blend
1/8 teaspoon Vitallite (daytime use only due to its energizing properties)
Lemon or lime (optional)
A pinch of Himalayan Salt or 1/2 teaspoon Soley (optional)
1 tablespoon Earth & Sea Greens (optional)
1 tablespoon Fiber Blend (optional)
Herbal Formulas as desired
#3 – Mid-Afternoon Clay Water Mineral Drink
Duplicate the Mid-Morning Recipe
 #4 – PM - Evening/Before Bed Clay Water Mineral Drink
Take 1-2 big swigs before sleep and again if waking up during the night.
one quart (1 liter) of filtered water in a glass jar or bottle
1 tablespoon Sacred Clay
1 tablespoon Ancient Mineral Blend
2-4 small scoops Ormalite (1/30th tsp)
A pinch of Himalayan Salt or 1/2 teaspoon Soley (optional)

All ingredients in this Clay Water Mineral Drink are "whole earthen" (meaning, created by Nature)
Consume approx. 1/2 (or as much as desired) at once, then add water (to swirl up the clay settled on the bottom) and consume the rest throughout the day.

If Vitallite is in the Clay Water best not to consume shortly before bed due to its energizing properties.

Frequent Urination Reduced with Hydration
You will be surprised to know that once electrolytes are balanced from regular consumption of Clay Water Mineral Drinks, your kidneys will function more efficiently and therefore reduce the need for repeated urination (a detox response).

You will have the ability to sleep through the night without getting up, even after consuming a quart or so of Clay Water just before bed (though a night drink is not a necessary part of this Clay Water Program).

May be taken with health supplements and food (clay makes them more bioavailable), but separate from chemical drugs by at least 2 hours (taken together the clay will absorb toxic substances like chemical drugs, thereby reducing its effectiveness.

If drug withdrawal symptoms are noticed, discontinue the Clay Water Mineral Drink and consider alternatives. Be particularly cautious if you are on antidepressants or blood pressure drugs as these are some of the most addictive and harmful of the pharmaceuticals.)

Health benefits of the Clay Water Mineral Drinks include:
Remineralizes the body (minerals are the building blocks of hormones, enzymes and all other metabolic processes)

Alkalizes the body (provides the carbon, hydrogen and oxygen necessary for the pancreas and salivary processes to build alkalizing carbonate – HCO3)

Improves digestion (provides the stomach and pancreas with the minerals necessary to build HCL and pancreatic enzymes)

Consume at least some Clay Water prior to, or with, a meal for best results
Increases energy levels (nourishes the adrenals with minerals necessary to build fatty acid hormones like adrenaline and cortisol). Fatty acid hormones are constructed of various ratios of COH (carbon, oxygen and hydrogen)

Increases endurance during both hard labor and office work (both the brain and the muscles require mineral electrolytes to function properly)
Generates a clearer brain, faster muscular response time and better decision-making (minerals, especially electrolytes, are required for all neurotransmitter functions of the brain and nervous system)

Reduces hunger and "the munchies" (by feeding the pancreas and adrenals with the minerals necessary to build insulin and adrenaline, sugar levels naturally remain more balanced, thus fewer cravings)

Provides the basic building blocks for all other nutrient requirements of the body (Minerals are the basic building blocks of the DNA/RNA, amino acids, proteins, vitamins, bone, tissues, cells and mitochondrial actions within the cells).

The body is fully capable of manufacturing most, if not all, of its nutrient requirements from sunlight, spring water, ionized forest air, mineral-rich pollens/seaweeds and clay minerals
Improves hydration (Sacred Clay makes water "wetter", thus improving hydration at the cellular level)

Improves friendly bacteria counts in the stomach and intestines (Sacred Clay speeds the natural culturing of milk into yogurt and whey, thus demonstrating its ability to improve friendly flora in the body) Clays and humates in general, have been known to foster probiotic presence in the intestines, thus the term "soil based organisms" or SBO's)

Assists the liver and kidneys to function more efficiently (provides a balanced array of calcium, potassium, magnesium (approx. 2% each) and other minerals with which to reduce toxins, heavy metals & excess acids and improve the condition of the blood)

Detoxifies the body of heavy metals, chemicals, radiation and creates an environment in the body less suitable for pathogens of all kinds. (Toxins and high sugar levels are the food sources for pathogenic fungi, viruses and bacteria.

By reducing their food supply, their levels naturally decrease)

Alkalize and Mineralize
A. Why is it important to alkalize and mineralize at the same time?
1. The body naturally strives to maintain a balance between acid and alkaline states throughout its many biological systems.
2. An abundance of both alkalinizing and acidifying minerals are required for this constant balancing act within the body.
3. Alkalinity improves both oxygenation and nutrient delivery to the cells.
4. Acidity in the stomach insures proper digestion of certain foods.
5. Common alkalizing minerals include:
a. calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, bicarbonate.
6. Common acidifying minerals include:
a. chloride, phosphate, sulfur.
B. What about excess acid and excess alkalinity?
1. Acidosis (excess acid in the system) is caused by:
a. Shallow breathing (increased carbon dioxide buildup),
b. Reduced production or availability of bicarbonate in the body,
c. Low oxygenation of tissues resulting in lactic acid buildup,
d. Acid food and drink (meat, sugar, colas, coffee, etc.),
e. Elevated levels of iron in the blood,
f. Kidney weakness with an inability to excrete acid.
2. Acidosis can cause the depletion of calcium from the bones.
3. Acidosis can cause the buildup of fibrin in the blood resulting in organ failures.
4. Alkalosis (excess alkalinity in the system) is caused by:
a. Hyperventilation (reduced carbon dioxide),
b. Reduced hydrochloric acid in the stomach (i.e. from prolonged vomiting),
c. Severe dehydration,
d. Excess amounts of bicarbonate of soda without a broad spectrum mineral backup with which to maintain balance.
5. Alkalosis can result in low levels of potassium (causing muscular weakness, muscle cramps or constipation).
6. Alkalosis may also result in low levels of calcium (free calcium in the blood binds with proteins).
C. What is the best way to ensure proper pH balance?

In addition to the Clay Water Mineral Drinks outlined above,
1. Consume on a daily basis (regulates both high and low pH to a perfect level of around 7.3 pH)
a. Earth & Sea Greens (1-2 Tbsp. per day).
2. Do Deep Level Breathing exercises pausing at the end of each breath (complete exhale) for 5-10 seconds (regulates both high and low pH).
There are many other benefits to human health from consuming a whole earthen Clay Water Mineral Drink every day as well

Your Body Knows What to Do, It Simply Needs to be Nourished Properly


The program outlined below provides a framework for building your immune system to peak performance. In this way specific diseases do not have to be targeted; your body already knows what to do and will simply heal itself.

Given that your immune system is capable of manufacturing over 100 trillion antibody configurations effective at targeting any invading pathogen, your real goal here is not to fight a specific germ, fungus or virus, but to build the entire immune system to such a level of strength that it is fully capable of dealing with any and all pathogenic invasions.

Just give your body the nutritional resources it needs to do what it does best, and your body will simply heal itself.

Rapid Power-Up Immune Building Program 

To build power in your immune system so your body has the strength to clean house and take care of business, the following program is recommended to be taken every hour or two for 1-3 days, or until you feel stronger, more vital and alert:

Rapid Power-Up Immune Building Program
To build power in your immune system so your body has the strength to clean house and take care of business, the following program is recommended to be taken every hour or two for 1-3 days, or until you feel stronger, more vital and alert:

Recommended every 1-2 hours:
a. 6-12 capsules of Immune Power (the more Immune Power that is consumed with the first dose and on the first day, the faster the immune system will be able to turn things around.

Typically, lots of Immune Power (even 12-24 caps at once) followed by a nap or a night's sleep, seems to give the body what it needs to show improvement upon waking.

b. One teaspoon or more of Sacred Clay. Also see the Vital Health News Archive: Clay Water Mineral Drink
c. One teaspoon of Earth & Sea Greens
d. (Optionally: 1/4 teaspoon of Friendly Flora)

Then take one or two Sacred Clay & Black Beauty Baths (Bath Kit or Bath Packets) every day, 
And as an option: an All Night Foot Poultice following the clay bath.

Take the above for 1-3 days, or as required to feel stronger, more vital and alert.

Two Powerful Natural Immune System Responses that Keep Us Healthy
1. 'Killer' T cells designed to "kill" virally infected or abnormal cells
2. 'Bulldog' B cells (my name for them :) can produce over 100 trillion different antibody configurations in order to neutralize antigens (toxins & pathogens) in the body

The point here is, your own immune system, when nourished properly, possesses the ability take care of ALL of your immune needs.

Our job is to provide our immune systems with solid nourishment from earthen sources (herbs & clays rather than drugs), and to stop feeding it the food & drink that weaken immune responses
(ie. sugars, acid food & drink, fruit juices, breads,  some nuts, most medical treatments, etc.).

The purpose of a solid nourishing program is so your immune system can power-up and maintain maximum health.

BH Sales Kennel Kelp and Vital Choice for Paleo Breakfast

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Vital Choice Paleo Breakfast
You should order The Skintervention Guide NOW You should order some fine Primal Life Organics Paleo Skincare Products NOW You should order some BH Sales Sacred Clay NOW You should order some Kennel Kelp NOW
Most kids hear it from their mothers … “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.

That idea came into question after two small, short-term clinical trials were published last August.

In both trials – one conducted in obese people, the other in thin people – people were assigned to either eat breakfast or nothing in the morning.

The results showed no significant differences between the groups in terms of body weight, metabolic rate, cholesterol profile, or most measures of blood sugar.

Perhaps because of their lack of stored fat, the trial conducted in thin people found that those assigned to skip breakfast felt more sluggish all morning, compared with those who ate.

But as the authors acknowledged, past research suggests that the makeup of your breakfast probably matters to its health and mental effects.

Fortunately for lovers of morning, lox or smoked fish, sausage, bacon, or eggs, the results of most prior studies suggest that higher-protein breakfasts produced better outcomes for blood sugar and satiety (the feeling of fullness), versus higher-carb meals.

For example, see “High Protein Breakfast Helps Blood Sugar Control" and "Protein for Breakfast Allays Appetites All Day". 

Does eating breakfast curb weight gain?
About half of Americans – including adolescents – skip breakfast, which may or may not raise their risk of overeating and weight gain.

Up to the 1970’s, almost all American adults, kids and teens ate breakfast, but today only half of have the habit. 

That change overlaps with a four-fold rise in the number of obese people here since the late 1980’s.

While this association doesn’t prove a connection, it suggests that breakfast-skipping may promote weight gain.

It seems odd that skipping breakfast would cause weight gain, since that should mean fewer calories consumed daily.

But past clinical trials show that people assigned to skip breakfast ended up eating as many daily calories as the participants assigned to eat breakfast.

And new research proves that eating a high-protein breakfast yields feelings of reward and satisfaction … which may reduce food cravings and overeating later in the day.

Heather Leidy, PhD, a prominent researcher in the field, said this her recent evidence review: “Emerging scientific evidence suggests that a diet rich in high-quality protein is a beneficial dietary strategy to prevent and/or treat obesity.” (Leidy H 1024)

This kind of evidence has helped drive the shift to Paleo-style diets, high in protein and low in digestible carbs such as sugars and flour.

Breakfast boosts brain chemical that curbs food intake and cravings
The new study was led by Heather Leidy, who’s an assistant professor of nutrition and exercise physiology at the University of Missouri.

Leidy’s team studied the effects of different breakfasts – either high or low in protein – on participants' levels of dopamine (Hoertel HA et al. 2014).

Dopamine is a brain chemical involved in regulating impulses and feelings of reward, including food cravings, related to appetite.

Eating initiates a release of dopamine, which in turn produces feelings of reward and satisfaction.

Leidy noted that the reward response provided by release of dopamine is known to help regulate food intake … along with the influence of insulin and neurochemicals like leptin and ghrelin.

The participants in the study were young, overweight or obese women (average age of 19) who typically skipped breakfast but were not any particular diet … however, Leidy said the findings likely apply to all adults.

As she said, “Our research showed that people experience a dramatic decline in cravings for sweet foods when they eat breakfast.”

“Breakfasts that are high in protein also reduced cravings for savory – or high-fat – foods. On the other hand, if breakfast is skipped, these cravings continue to rise throughout the day.” (UM 2014)

This was a randomized, crossover trial in which 16 girls alternated between three morning routines, with each routine lasting six days:

  • No breakfast
  • Low-Protein 350-calorie breakfast: 15% protein (13 grams / a half ounce), 65% carbs, and 20% fat
  • High Protein 350-calorie breakfast: 40% protein (35 grams / 1¼ ounces), mostly from egg and beef), 40% carbs, and 20% fat

In addition to providing equal fat content, both breakfast meals were similar in fiber and sugar content, palatability, and appeal.

Each six-day period was followed by food-craving questionnaires and blood sampling for dopamine levels throughout the morning.

The results showed three things:

  • Both breakfast meals reduced post-meal cravings for sweet and savory foods and increased dopamine levels, while the no-breakfast routine yielded no changes in cravings or dopamine levels.
  • High-protein breakfasts tended to yield the greatest drops in post-meal savory cravings and sustained increases in dopamine levels prior to lunch.
  • The participants’ post-breakfast (or no breakfast) dopamine levels followed the protein content of their breakfast: eating more protein meant release of more dopamine.

“Dopamine levels are blunted in individuals who are overweight or obese, which means that it takes much more stimulation – or food – to elicit feelings of reward; we saw similar responses within breakfast-skippers,” Leidy said.

“To counteract the tendencies to overeat and to prevent weight gain that occurs as a result of overeating, we tried to identify dietary behaviors that provide these feelings of reward while reducing cravings for high-fat foods. Eating breakfast, particularly a breakfast high in protein, seems to do that.” (UM 2014)

The take-way is simple: Eat Paleo style breakfasts when you can, and favor the healthiest possible protein sources: fatty wild seafood and leaner organic meats and poultry.

Fortunately, nothing could taste finer than salmon bacon, salmon sausage, or smoked fish in the morning!


  • Deshmukh-Taskar PR, Nicklas TA, O'Neil CE, Keast DR, Radcliffe JD, Cho S. The relationship of breakfast skipping and type of breakfast consumption with nutrient intake and weight status in children and adolescents: the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1999-2006. J Am Diet Assoc. 2010 Jun;110(6):869-78. doi: 10.1016/j.jada.2010.03.023.
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