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BH Sales Dog Aromatherapy and The Liberty Wristband Keep Em Calm for the 4TH!
BH Sales Liberty Wristband Service Dog Program Hands Off Medical Device
BH Sales Kennel Kelp Sacred Clay Water for Dog Walking in Summer Heat
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June 2017

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BH Sales Dog Aromatherapy and The Liberty Wristband Keep Em Calm for the 4TH!

BH Sales Help Your Dog Relax This 4th of July Keep Them Under Control


The Liberty Wristband
Quality: It’s sturdy with waterproof neoprene and water-resistant nylon materials. 

It also has waterproof-grade aluminum with all stainless steel springs and components. This product is very well made. 

Function: The wristband adjusts with Velcro to fit any size wrist. The fastening device is very secure. 
Creativity: Definitely a product every dog owner would welcome for a more relaxing walk.

LIBERTY WRISTBAND® simply eliminates all of the hand effort, energy, and attention required to hold onto any leash. 

The remarkable result? You enjoy a comfortable, safe, and secure tether to your dog. 
 Liberty Wristband leaves you with a free hand to use your cell phone, carry packages, drink a beverage, or simply enjoy the freedom of not having to grasp a leash in your hands. ENJOY THE 4TH!

Liberty Wristband leaves you with a free hand to use your cell phone, carry packages, drink a beverage, or simply enjoy the freedom of not having to grasp a leash in your hands. ENJOY THE 4TH!

“JUST LET GO”. You too can have a safer, more comfortable, and completely stress-free experience when you walk your dog. Fits all size leashes & all size dogs. Adjusts easily for all size wrists and includes a quick release system (Patent Pending).

Key Features

  • Maximum Control and Safety — While walking your dog, you want to have the maximum control possible. 

One-of-a-Kind Design 
Liberty Wristband may be the most revolutionary device for dog owners since the invention of the dog leash itself. 

Made in the U.S.A. with the highest quality materials, Liberty Wristband is weather-proof, built to last, comfortable to wear, and designed specifically for superior strength and holding power.

Freedom and Convenience — The patent-pending design of Liberty Wristband enables you to fasten it to any size dog leash, for any size dog.

No matter what the size of your dog, you will be free of any concern for the “pull effect”, free from having to hold on or hold tight, free from wrist wrapping:

No More Hand Fatigue, No More Stress! - And as an added bonus, Liberty Wristband gives you the opportunity to jog, shop, drink a beverage, or talk on a cell phone with a free hand - all while enjoying that special time of day when you walk your dog.

About This Item

The story of LIBERTY WRISTBAND® is really the story of Bill's beloved dog, Henry, a spirited Labrador and pointer mix. Henry alone was the inspiration behind Liberty Wristband.

 When Bill adopted Henry, the highlight of every day was walking him. However, on every single walk, Henry would either pull the leash right out of Bill's hand or force him to drop the leash handle. 
This was no fun. In fact, it made all of these walks stressful if not terrifying. 

Even when Henry was well behaved, Bill hated holding on, daily grip fatigue and/or the annoying tendency to "wrist wrap" every leash around his hand. 

He wanted both of his hands to be free for other items (cell phone, bags or drinks). But most of all, Bill just wanted to relax both hands and simply enjoy walking Henry.

As a mariner all his life, Bill took a sailing glove and sewed a marine "snap shackle" to the palm. A "snap shackle" is a simple but brilliant piece of stainless steel.

Sailors use this kind of shackle to hold ropes under great forces because it can be opened manually (under any load or force) at any time.

BINGO! All of his problems with Henry were solved! Bill's "hands free" glove attached to any leash and provided a far more comfortable hold and an absolute secure attachment to Henry without sacrificing any control. 
I am Looking For Dealers To Participate in My Support of Veterans Liberty Wristband Medical Device

A great bonus was knowing that if he had to release Henry's leash for any reason, he could instantly let go of the leash with a quick pull on the shackle.

Amazingly, nowhere in the enormous pet industry was there a device this simple and this effective: a device engineered to relieve the hands of all responsibility but still allowing you to have essential CONTROL.

Liberty Wristband is a super strong device built to give any dog owner a HANDS FREE capability with essential SAFETY features and COMFORT. 

 The 3rd year anniversary date is July 4th, 2017.

Thanks to Henry and Bill Feldman, and Kathy D. Vitcak, and Well Canine manufacturers; the Liberty Wristband product-is included in combo with my BH Sales Relax Dog Aromatherapy, and Custom Dog Butters, and BH Sales Private Label Dog Glucosamine, which are BH Sales exclusive products.

Liberty Wristband has already changed the lives of thousands of dog owners. 

When you try Liberty Wristband for the first time, you will be instantly won over because you will be able to completely relax and enjoy your walks - hands free. 
 Thanks to Henry - now the entire dog walking world can JUST LET GO!

BH Sales Liberty Wristband Service Dog Program Hands Off Medical Device

BH Sales Liberty Wristband Medical 

Handicapped and Disabled Vets with Service Dogs
BH Sales supports disabled and
handicapped vets with service dogs. 

BH Sales believes service dogs can provide physical and emotional support for returning war veterans. 

BH Sales wants to assist veterans in learning how to safely and enjoyably walk a service dog and provide this one of a kind innovative medical hands off device to Partner-Providers locally, regionally, and nationally.

BH Sales distributes The Liberty Wristband, invented by a Veteran.

BH Sales educates and introduces the general public as to how this medical device bridges the gap of handicapped service dogs owners walking service dogs with Hands Off control!

This medical device provides an effective therapy option for veterans coping with both visible and invisible wounds.

Service dogs are helping veterans overcome visible and invisible wounds and BH Sales and Liberty Wristband wants to support how these dogs and veterans work together to thrive in life.

BH Sales and Liberty Wristband help to alleviate the pains and emotional distress.

A service dog can help veterans re-establish the sense of team they experienced while in military service.Walking the pet is more enjoyable.

Combined with my BH Sales Dog Aromatherapy, both the pet and the disabled vet- feel the bond more expeditiously and relaxingly!

BH Sales seeks to help fund awareness and training for canines who provide life-changing services to brave veterans who have given our country so much. 

I will be establishing donation funds as these Service Providing Agencies contact me for their clients


BH Sales is helping to 
re-establish productive lives for these handicapped veterans.

Highly trained service dogs can help veterans thrive by providing companionship and physical assistance. 

BH Sales Liberty Wristband and BH Sales Dog Aromatherapy make that transition so much easier.

Afghanistan & Iraq war veterans have sustained traumatic wounds limiting their daily activities and quality of life. 1 Million+

*BH Sales wants to help these service dog owners enjoy their pets even more-REDUCING THE STRESS WITH COMPLETE HANDS OFF CONTROL!

Veterans are looking for help with PTSD

More than 350,000 veterans have contacted the Veterans Administration for help with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).**

Providing relief:
Service dogs provide relief by helping with balance and mobility issues from loss of limbs and sight and hearing impairment.

The Liberty Wristband affords and secures complete control of the service dog.

BH Sales Liberty Wristband accentuates this development by serving as a medial device working in conjunction with service dogs training.
This device can be used as a training tool for the dogs to recognize emotional cues and triggers for veterans with PTSD.

Training dogs takes time and money, and BH Sales can help. 

I am seeking to align myself with service dog providers and ALL dog owners.
This campaign is for sight, hearing impaired, and wheelchair bound,
service and guide dog owners.

The cost to train one service dog for duty can be more than $30,000 and take up to two years. 

Help these Veterans with your purchases of these products for your own pets! 

I am looking for dealers of these products.

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Sacred Clay Water for Dog Walking in Summer Heat

BH Sales Hot Town Summer in The City Tough on Dogs Paws

Dog owners like taking their dogs on walks to enjoy the warm summer weather, but they may forget one important detail: hot pavement will burn a dog's paws.

It can be tempting to take your dog everywhere you go, but it can cause serious harm to your dog if you are not careful. 
 I'll be working with dog walkers over this hot summer in the city !

Remember that if asphalt and cement can get hot enough to cook an egg during the summer, it can damage skin and paw pads QUICKLY. 

Hot blistering asphalt can result in nasty burns on your dog's paw pads. 

New puppies with tender young paws are most susceptible.

BH Sales EXCLUSIVE Custom Blend Dog Paw Pad Butter will protect your dog's paws!

BH Sales Dog Paw, Nose, Elbow and Boo Boo Butters consistently hydrate the paws, nose , elbows, and wounded areas of your pets.

In the case of the paw pads, BH Sales Dog Paw Pad Butter keeps the paws moist, not letting them get too dry. 

The dry paws are more susceptible to cracking, peeling, and cuts when they lack moisture.

Consider moisturizing your dog's pads daily, especially in hot weather, to help prevent injuries and burns. Apply BH Sales Dog Butters before and AFTER your walks with your pet.

BH Sales Custom Blends are 100 percent natural, treatment for dry, cracked paws. 
Use them regularly. It will not hurt your pup if he licks the butters, that actually has its own ancillary benefits=good for the gut!.   

BH Sales Nose Butter can prevent and heal a dog's dry or cracking nose.

BH Sales Custom Dog Paw Pad Butter fully protects and heals damaged dog paw FAST ACTING AND LONG LASTING 

BH Sales proprietary formulation acts fast by deeply penetrating the problem areaWORRY FREE ORGANIC FORMULA 100% organic BH Sales Custom Dog Nose Butter is safe for dogs and humans

SAVE TIME AND MONEY Save on expensive vet bills by using BH Sales Custom Butters

BH Sales Dog Paw Pad Butter easily spreads on your dog's paw pads prior to walking to protect them from rough or hot surfaces. 

BH Sales Exclusive Key Ingredients=BH Sales Power Trio Kennel Kelp Icelandic Powder 

BH Sales AquiTerra Clay, and BH Sales Diatomaceous Earth combined with rich Shea butter and essential oils are designed to protect your dog's feet from harmful surfaces and chemicals, like road salts.

BH Sales Custom Butters are  which dog owners apply for many surface solutions - ice, snow, heat, sand, rocks, gravel..At 125 degrees Fahrenheit- skin damage takes 60 seconds.

Air temp 77 Asphalt temp 125
Air temp 86 Asphalt temp 135
Air temp 87 Asphalt temp 143

My Custom BH Sales Boo Boo Butter will help your dog stay safe and uninjured this summer from the dangers of hot pavement.

The sizzling hot pavement in the inner city can have gruesome and painful consequences.

Professional inner city dog walkers often place the back of their hands on the pavement, and time themselves for five seconds to 11 seconds-

Often retracting them quickly causes that burn, it's too hot for the pup's feet also.

These torrid temperatures can make the world a harsh place for our animals, especially for dogs who can be very sensitive to the heat.

BH Sales Sacred Clay Water is a good Canine Dog Walking Kit component to abate heat exhaustion for you and the pet
Watch out for:
 Heavy panting.
Dry or pale gums.
Increased drooling.

Panting=Drink water if your dog shows any signs of overheating or overexertion can save lives.

BH Sales Kennel Kelp & Clay soaked and saturated cloths. Soaked Raw Water wrapped around paws, armpits, head, and neck area.  provide soothing relief and bug protection all in one.

BH Sales Diatomaceous Earth as an ingredient in the soaked cloths kills fleas, mites, and annoying flying insects of summer.

My BH Sales Liberty Wristband allows for hands off control for calm and relaxed dog walking.

Both you and your dog can have a great time this summer.

You can fry and egg at 131 degrees.Asphalt and other ground surfaces retain heat and this temperature rises exponentially as heat and sun exposure continues.

Avoid High Sun Mid Day dog walks-the time of day is very relevant!

Asphalt soaks up the heat all day and can only cool down at a certain rate and only when the sun retreats- so pavement that was deemed safe for a walk at 9 am may differ greatly at high noon and into the early evening.

Dog Heat stroke, dog heat exhaustion, and dog dehydration are serious dangers that can lead to brain damage, organ failure, and death.

Your dog's cooling system is ineffective in relation to their overall body mass cooling only through panting and sweating from the paws and ears. 

Exposure to heat above 85 degrees long periods puts stress body causing problems now and later.

It is crucial to keep your dogs body temperature cool throughout its daily activities.
Keep your dog’s body temperature cool from the start of an activity. 

 Cooler early mornings and late evening summer weather is best for outside activities and daily walks with your dog

The additional heat of hot asphalt; raises your dog’s temperature. Walk your dog in shady areas where the air and ground are cooler- inner city dog parks with shade!!.

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Complete Canine Care Kit Sale

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Canine Care Kit-
Astute Shoppers Use-BH Sales 50/25 Program

BH Sales Kennel Kelp New Custom Blend Barnacle Bills Dog Soap

BH Sales Custom Blend Dog Soap and Shampoo Bar
Buy here or Buy Direct
This mild BH Sales Kennel Kelp Soap has an all natural essential oil formula ingredient list providing exfoliating activity and gentle cleaning and hydration. 


The natural alternatives, such as our BUG OFF  Collection products work, but we are NOT trying to present them as Natural DEET, there is no such thing. 
My Manufacturer encourages you to contact her directly BH Sales is totally transparentBUG OFF is our kinder, gentler approach to getting rid of pesky insects, or at least holding them at bay for a bit.  
We are not going to swear after one use of BUG OFF products you will never see a bug near your dog ever again, but we will swear BUG OFF is an effective alternative to the harsh, chemical laden products you have seen. 
  1. Bath your dog in BUG OFF SOAP
  2. Spray BUG OFF SPRAY liberally on dog from ears back 
  3. Apply BUG OFF BUTTER to ear tips, tail (especially the end), any area bugs seem to bedevil
FYI! The different BUG OFF dog breeds are just for fun! 
It is the same product within each category - soap or boo boo butter.