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Bh Sales Liberty Wristband Dog Walk & Specific Dog Training
BH Sales Holistic Healthcare Supplements for Humans
BH Sales Weekly Review Transactional vs Consultative Sales
BH Sales Kennel Kelp One Stop Shop for Holistic Pet Health
BH Sales Asks When You Walk Your Dog Who Walks Whom?


BH Sales Holistic Health Care Supplements
BH Sales Holistic Health Care Products
BH Sales Holistic health Care Supplement
BH Sales Holistic Health Care Supplements
BH Sales Holistic Health Care Supplemnets
BH Sales Holistic Health Care Supplemnts
BH Sales Holistic Health Care Supplemts
BH Sales Holistic Health Csre Supplements
BH Sales Holistic Healthcare Supplement
BH Sales Holistic Healthcare Supplements
BH Sales Holistic Healtrh Care Supplements
BH Sales Holistivc Health Care Suppelements
BH Sales Holisutic Health Care Supplements
BH Sales Kennel Kelp Holistic Health Care Supplements
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Bh Sales Liberty Wristband Dog Walk & Specific Dog Training

BH Sales New Product Marketing  In my recent blog entry I talked about Transactional Selling vs. The Great Divide Consultative Selling.
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Liberty Wristband
Liberty Wristband

Today, I want to continue with that approach as it segues into my ongoing marketing plan for my continuing  New Product Introduction of The BH Sales Liberty Wristbands..

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Without the unknown being conquered, no inventions would be made, no entrepreneurs would take leaps and the list continues no differently in my endeavors to introduce a totally unique Hands Off Wristband Leash Control Tool.

My early sales and  client reviews are unanimous
   when coming from my domestic pet dog walkers.
They ALL have stated that this Product is Great!


More Liberty Wristband Testimonials will also be posted Soon! Possible live Videos are on the drawing board also. I have reached out to several other obedience specific trainers, both existing clients and a couple of potential new clients for field testing assessment of this creative new one of a kind product.

These specific ranges  of hands on leash control range from Show Dogs in The Arena Trainers , Race Dog Trainers, Sled Dog and Musher Owners and Trainers,  Agility Dog Trainers, and everyday obedience dog trainers, and I am  now also reaching out to Military and Police Dog Trainers type "Dog Training"  for the hands on, and NOW the Hands OFF comparison.

This will encompass the adage "Old Habits are Hard to Break.-Most of the consensus for these trainers is =Hands On is Imperative. This product is BRAND NEW that philosophy goes back years. Please be assured I am not disputing this philosophy what so ever -

I am just Curious Yellow -can this Liberty Wristband perhaps be a new missing link in that specialized "arena" given the opportunity for potential fair and balance "hands on" hands off comparison??

I like to think about the psychological affect our brain has to go through when we contemplate change.

It impacts the human mind and if we’re scared of it, we think that level of change and unknown might get worse or cause us more pain or inconvenience.

The very anatomy of change is determined not by ones surroundings, but instead by one’s inherent mindset.

So, how can we move forward with change?
Embrace change, head on. Focus on the power of thought and intention. Baby steps are still steps in the right direction and I recognize it may take time for me to win this audience over.

I am enthralled  at the response by the domestic pet walking, and my other new market Professional Dog Walkers too!

This is where I am imploring my clients, and any dog owner and or dog trainer to help me assess my new product.  I am hoping to find others to help and support me in my marketing plight while themselves saving huge dollars for their pets health care supplies..

Readiness for change and embracing the unknown comes at a different pace for each person and market segment. Each person has a varying readiness level, depending on their situation but it only takes one step and the recognition to make change.

Then by taking the step forward, I can with the help of my clients, be a force, and be a catalyst for change.

I will highlight one particular market I would like to explore: Agility Dog Training

I know clients who have English Setters and have been involved in Agility Training.English Setters are athletes, and thus, are well suited for the sport

My " Humble " opinion is that hands on leash training is not imperative in this genre?  In agility,  so I am told by my clients, dogs must be able to work equally well on the handler's right and left .

I simply do not know if a previously " on leash hands on" obedienced train dog would be a counter intuitive candidate right from the get go or not?? This is another scenario where I would be intrigued to explore with utilizing my new Wristband product too.

The initial agility training session involves teaching the dog to safely perform the various obstacles of the Agility Course.

I know these  Agility Dogs trainers try to get leashes and hands off the dogs as quickly as possible. I think this new BH Sales Liberty Wristband could prove to actually be an asset in that EXPEDITED end result?

quality assurance training tool-

Dogs that demonstrate the previously mentioned basic skills, as well as walking reasonably well on a leash and a few other minor tasks, can be tested for and earn the American Kennel Club's (AKC) Canine Good Citizen certification.

Dog Intelligence and Training

Walks with your dog should feel like walking meditation, not a battle! When your dog is beside you on a tight leash  he/she is still pulling!


BH Sales Holistic Healthcare Supplements for Humans

BH Sales Human Supplements
BH Sales Human Supplements Balancing Your Metabolism Tolerance

I  am often asked where has my BH Sales Human Supplement Line Gone.  No where it is just no longer depicted on my website. 

ALL of my human supplements are produced and manufactured in conjunction with my BH Sales ENP Animal and Human Products.
I remind my patrons that I distribute some 20+ product lines and over 10,000 items.

I want to talk about metabolism and tolerance

SO MANY variables factor in: your age your sex your diet your  time of day taken-heredity and genetic code YOUR DIET your metabolism other prescribed medications.

Some women after age 50 need less iron- some need more etc.

Determining what supplements you should take begins with understanding your diet.

You can learn more whether nutrient gaps exist in your diet and what they are by talking to your primary health care provider.

To fill nutrient gaps, many people choose a daily multivitamin. This tends to be a convenient and effective way to promote optimal vitamin and mineral status. If you are looking for an appropriate formula, be sure to find one that is designed to meet your specific age-related and gender needs.

Some women over age 50 only need 8 mg of iron some need more some need NONE. Some need to take with meals some without.

Its like purchasing a pair of shoes, we need to find the right fit. For some men and women multi vitamins are not needed.

Here's a Variety of Multi Vitamin options I offer

• Specially Formulated for teens, and adults that do not need a full strength mutli-vitamin or are taking other supplements but want the advantage of a multivitamin as well
• Delivers a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbal extracts and more
• Contains a potent mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant formula.
• Iron Free
• Delivers a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbal extracts and more
• Contains a potent mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant formula designed to support:
Energy Production
Heart Health
Eye Health
Healthy Digestion
• Time Release

Delivers a broad spectrum of full strength vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbal extracts in an easily absorbable softgel  Contains a potent mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant formula designed to support:

Energy Production
Heart Health
Eye Health
Healthy Digestion

BH Sales Weekly Review Transactional vs Consultative Sales

BH Sales Transactional vs Consultative
The differences in two schools of sales
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BH Sales Weekly Recap

I was reeling early in the week, remembering why I stopped doing table top shows some time ago.
Listen to the Audio BAR ABOVE

Most of these shows are non productive

The main reasons are travel time combined with me being a geriatric. However, I felt as though this particular event required my presence to introduce a BH Sales
Group Purchasing Plan
for a particular faction
of a large dog breed club here in New England.

That entire process is basically in review and in a field testing and analysis mode until mid November-

We shall see how the advantages of this program are perceived.

This is of course in the eye of the beholder.
I have blogged extensively of late re: dog breed clubs and my BH Sales Group Purchasing.

I have been contacted by a handful of various breed clubs, inquiring about the BH Sales Group Purchasing; and its 3 options.

The evaluation should be predicated in most instances to establish an informal survey amongst each respective clubs membership.
The key assessment tools would be the total head count of members,the itemized breakdown by each member

pertinent to their dogs vet bills, food costs, medicine, and other miscellaneous pet related

expenses over the last 12 months and or calendar year.The conglomerate group should then add each individual members sub totals of those cost factor calculations.
The grand total number can sometimes paint the obvious reasons why one should exercise the most appropriate option that
would be best for their club to enjoy great savings.

At my show I did secure some orders, I did handout information, I did establish a fruitful face to face meeting with a now new client.
New Product Intro Click Just Let Go Banner Now
The uncontrollable factors of the this show were the weather-torrential downpour, venue-which was utilized for an about face
So I understandably had limited face to face interaction, for variable innocent reasons. The audience was prepared and preoccupied with a dog fashion show.

BH Sales Kennel Kelp One Stop Shop for Holistic Pet Health

BH Sales Holistic Animal Nutrition
About Us
I am an Independent
Ingredient Broker Providing

Nutritional Supplements for Domestic Pets and Livestock Animal Feed.

"Kennel Kelp is an online e commerce store providing pet health care products"

Buy Now Save Now

My Business Story for Kennel Kelp The Finest Nutrient Laden Supplement created a site built for small businesses to tell their stories and encourage everyone...

BH Sales Does Business Differently-Offering Creative Solutions For Pet Product Distribution-Customer Referral Discount Programs-Customer Rewards Group Purchasing Options

Try us see why BH Sales is rapidly becoming the number one choice supplier of retail proprietors and pet owners

Hello and Thank You For Stopping By...My Kennel Kelp Website

Because you made it here, I assume that you are an action person when it comes to your pets health and you
are...ready for a change...ready to have your furry companions live life to its fullest..and at the peak of good health,and your ready to save $$.

Just like you, I too am a pet owner. I provide and administer many of these products listed on my website to my own two cats

I appreciate the opportunity to provide these fine holistic pet health care products to your beloved friend

I'm available for you.Please feel free to contact me anytime
by using my telephone number or e mail address.

I invite you to learn more about BH Sales and Kennel Kelp, and to utilize some of the first class educational resources available by following the action steps on this page.

Then decide if you want to find out more about my business and products.

Calling all pets, the road to good health starts here! Sign up for The BH Sales Kennel Kelp Club and receive exclusive emails packed full of pet news, new product releases, e-store happenings, contests, and specials!

Lucky pets everywhere can enjoy good health.

The BH Sales Kennel Kelp Promise: I will never sell your information to anyone, ever!


BH Sales Kennel Kelp Customer Contact

Please Fill In Your Name Address City State Zip E mail address


BH Sales Customer Questionnaire

1.What is most important to you regarding a supplying vendor?
2. Have you tried kelp pet food supplementation in the past?
3. What kind of food do you feed your pet?
4. Would you be open to trying a competitively priced and fully guaranteed BH Sales Kennel Kelp Product?
5. What customer value added services would you find appealing in a vendor?
6.What holistic products are you interested in trying out for your pet?
7.What holistic pet health care products are you presently utilizing?
Enter Your Name: Address City State Zip Code e mail address below

Save Even More:Buy Kennel Kelp Combo Specials!


BH Sales provides Kennel Kelp and I believe that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance.

I am committed to meeting those needs.

Kennel Kelp maintains consistently
high percentages of our business growth from repeat customers and referrals.

I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

BH Sales Asks When You Walk Your Dog Who Walks Whom?

BH Sales Liberty Wristband
This most innovative and unique dog walking tool was released to the market this past July 4th, 2014.
You can stop the pulling,tugging, and dragging TODAY

Buy Now Save Now-

Makes a Great Christmas Gift for Your Dog Also!
Click The Customer Testimonials

I have MANY great combo pack offers too

See What my clients are saying about this revolutionary new product

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Liberty Wristband
Liberty Wristband
Sales continue to be brisk, and you can avoid all of these pulling, tugging, and dragging issues we all experience when walking with our best friends.