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April 2017

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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Liberty Wristbands Sight Impaired and Handicap Service Dogs

BH Sales Fund Drive
Annual Fundraising Ambassador Program
The Volunteer Annual Fundraising Ambassador Program 

Become an SDWR Annual Ambassador and help families in need receive service dogs. 

By becoming a volunteer annual ambassador, you can help bring families with disabilities therapeutic relief and peace of mind that comes with a highly-skilled service dog. 

You can make life better for families by raising funds and awareness. This volunteer opportunity gives you the chance to make a real difference for those with invisible disabilities. 

We are currently in need of Ambassadors to raise awareness in their communities and set achievable fundraising goals to help us better support the SDWR family.

Why raise awareness?

1 in 10 Americans experience an invisible disability like Diabetes, Autism Spectrum Disorder, PTSD, or a Seizure Disorder. 

Raising awareness creates a chain effect of better public treatment and rights, increased funding towards cure and therapy research, and allows us to nurture stronger communities for their families. 

Service Dogs provide a newfound level of freedom, support, and relief.

Why raise donations?

Many of these families face high medical bills on a daily basis. 

Because there are currently no federal grants for service dogs and insurance companies do not provide this support, it falls on us to help families get the help they need. 

We simply ask for you to set an achievable annual goal for yourself. We aren’t asking you to fund an entire service dog or single-handedly take on the Organization’s needs. 

Instead, we find that small crowdfunding campaigns provide great results without creating overwhelming workloads.

 A small campaign  goal of just $1000, $2,500 or any amount you would like to set can mean a world of difference. 

SDWR is a 501 (c) 3 fully incorporated non-profit and all donations are tax deductible.

What do your funds go towards?
Puppy Raiser Program – 

Our Volunteer Puppy Raisers donate their time to help start the foundation for the pups to be future Service Dogs and help those with invisible disabilities.

 SDWR tries to help with some of the financial burden of this for our Volunteer Puppy Raisers.  

We supply them with a crate,  collar for fleas and ticks, heart worm meds, leashes, collars, toys, treats, dog food and many other things.  

When you become a Volunteer Ambassador for SDWR you will help to offset this cost for the Organization so we can continue to help our volunteers.
FOPP – Our FOPP program is our Fallen Officer Puppy Program. 

 We name pups after Officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives in the line of duty.  

Your donations will help to cover items like food, kenneling cost, vaccinations, service dog vest, training and placement with a family.

Grants – From time to time SDWR offers Grants to individuals who will be receiving a Service dog.  Your donations will help SDWR continue to be able to give those Grants to deserving families.

Tragic Incidents – When you become a Volunteer Ambassador for SDWR and donate funds those funds can go towards a family who unfortunately lost their Service Dog in a tragic incident, i.e. a house fire, hit by a car, etc.

Hope Chest – SDWR provides the ability to families to start thinking about and raising funds for their next Service Dog.  

Once families current Service Dog retires, families will want to get another one to continue taking care of their loved one, their child, themselves, whomever the Service dog is for. 

 The Hope Chest Program allows families to start raising the funds now to be able to receive their new dog when they need it.  Your donations can help to offset the cost of this for these families.

Your donations can also go towards helping SDWR continue its mission to help those with invisible disabilities. 

It costs SDWR nearly $50,000 to train a Service Dog from start to finish.  

This includes travel to the families multiple times over a 12-18 month period, trainers salaries, veterinary cost, food, kennel cost, service dog vest, toys, treats, leashes, collars, etc.  

Families who receive a dog from us become ambassadors and make a pledge to raise funds. 

SDWR is able to cut the cost in half for families because of generous donors like yourself.  

SDWR would like to be able to cut this cost down even further.  

With help from Generous donors, like yourself we will be able to do that.

Do you have more questions about the program before applying? 

Please fill out the form below and insert your question in the final box. 

How To Get Started Fundraising For SDWR:

Use our online fundraising system to get the word out to your friends and family, and give them the opportunity to make an online donation to support your efforts on behalf of SDWR

Follow the step by step guides below to begin your fundraising journey. 

With hundreds of families having accomplished this task before you, we’re pretty confident that with the right steps you’ll be right on your way.

1.  Fill Out The Form Below
2. Set Up Your Donor Drive Profile

This will be your main hub for collecting and managing donations to meet your goal. It’s easy to set up and even easier to share on all your social media and email accounts.

Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers (SDWR) provides hope, independence, peace of mind and improved quality of life to individuals and families through service dogs. 
About SDWR
SDWR places dogs with individuals who have diabetes, on the autism spectrum as well as individuals with seizure disorders.
A Service Dog can make a life changing impact on a persons life, partner with us as we change one life at a time!
For more information please visit: WWW.SDWR.ORG
Want Regular Updates On Our Programs? Join Us On Facebook
SDWR Performance Guarantee
SDWR believes in providing fair opportunities to those who trust in our mission and invest in our service dogs and follow the training program. In the case that your service dog does not fulfill his or her capabilities after completing the SDWR training program, we offer a performance guarantee.
We do ask that if your service dog is not living up to his or her performance standards, you follow training requirements are being met to ensure your service dog’s maximum performance. If the dog does not perform, and we can not make it perform, we will provide a replacement after evaluations through our organization. No risk. It’s simple.
SDWR Lifetime Health Guarantee
Each service dog has a Lifetime Guarantee against inherited or genetic defects. In the case that your service dog does carry a health defect, you can consider replacing your service dog in accordance to SDWR’s Lifetime Health Guarantee.
DISCLIAMER: This is only a summary of our guarantee. Contact us to learn more about SDWR’s complete Lifetime Health Guarantee. Our guarantee is contingent on completion of the SDWR training program. 
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