BH Sales Kennel Kelp Why We ALL Should Eat Sacred Clay
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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Why We ALL Should Eat Sacred Clay

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Why We ALL Should Eat Clay

BH Sales AquiTerra Clay and Earthen Derived Herbs for Health and Vitality

A New Clay Source

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AquiTerra Clay10 oz. - One month supply
Price: $27.00


Let Michael Kings Team Assist You to Good Health

Want to Save EVEN MORE

Adaptagen Mushroom Blend

Energy & Brain Power

Eyebright Composition Tea (Call for this)
Fiber Blend

White Oak Bark (Call for this
Yacon Powder (Call for this)            

  The System Builder Options
Click on the desired system title to go to its Options description:
Mineral & Electrolyte Profiles (minerals assist all systems)
The Digestive System (stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, small & large intestines, soil based probiotics)
The Immune System (thymus, intestines, spleen & lymphatic glands, adrenals)
The Splenic/Lymphatic System (spleen, lymph glands)
Energy, Stamina & Mental Focus (adrenals, spleen, nervous system)
Sleep (pineal gland, adrenals, kidneys)
The Kidney & Urinary System (kidneys, bladder)
The Hormonal System (all hormone producing glands)
The Sexual & Reproductive System (libido, performance, ovaries, uterus, prostate)
The Heart & Circulatory System (heart, veins, arteries, capillaries, pulse, blood pressure, cholesterol)
The Nervous System (brain, spine, heart & solar plexus are all nerve centers) 
The Skeletal System (bones, bone marrow, joints, spine, cartilage, tendons)
The Structural Repair System (stemcells, pituitary human growth hormone, collagen development)
The Respiratory System (lungs, bronchial tubes, sinuses, oxygen exchange, mucus reduction)
The Liver & Gall BladderThe Blood (cleanse & build the blood)
The Dental System (teeth, gums, mouth, tongue)
Dermatological System (skin, sweat glands, hair, nails)

Download The Year Round Cleanse & Revitalize Nutrient System 
Guide PDF Mineral & Electrolyte Profiles (minerals assist all systems)
  • Combined Clay Water Minerals (Sacred Clay, Ancient Plant Minerals & AquiTerra)
  • Deep Earthen Cleanse (A mineral blend coupled with herbs & SBOs that assist in mineral assimilation)
  • Clay Water Mineral Drink Program (Combined Clay Water Minerals, Ormalite & Vitallite)
  • Sacred Clay (Foundational for internal & external detox, baths, body packs, macro & trace minerals/electrolytes)
  • AquiTerra Clay (note: can be slowing to the bowels, ideal in case of overactivity)
  • Mineral Manna (Sacred Clay, Ancient Plant Minerals, Himalayan Salt, Humic & Fulvic Earth & Ormalite)
  • Earthen Ormus (Several earthen mineral sources with the emphasis on Ormalite & Vitallite)
  • Ormalite (for sleep, meditation, work outs, stress relief, quiet, calm sense of well being)
  • Vitallite (For calm energy, workouts, stamina, driving late, alertness, book learning)
  • Himalayan Salt (High sodium mineral salt)
  • Pink Sulfur Salt (aka Black Salt) (Low sodium, high sulfur mineral salt)
 The Digestive System (stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, small & large intestines, soil based probiotics)
  • Digestive Bitters (activates liver bile and pancreatic digestive enzyme production)
  • Ancient Mineral Blend (includes naturally-occurring magnesium with laxative effects) 
  • Herbal C (contains berries known for their excellent digestive effects)
  • Friendly Flora (soil based probiotics are essential for complete digestion of food)
  • Sacred Clay (gut lining repair, taken 20 minutes before a meal provides minerals for improved digestive juice production)
  • AquiTerra Clay (gut lining repair, note: can be slowing to the bowels, ideal in case of overactivity)

The Immune System (thymus, intestines, spleen & lymphatic glands, adrenals)
  • Immune Power (builds immune response powers to address all forms of pathogens)
  • Spleen Builder (the spleen & lymphatic system manufacture over 100 trillion antibody types)
  • Kidney & Adrenal Builder (adrenals manufacture antihistamines & cortisone)
  • Licorice Root powder (licorice Root, not the candy, produces a cortisone-like effect)
  • Elk Velvet Antler (contains IGF1, an effective immune enhancement)
  • Sacred Clay (strengthens immune response powers through mineral and electrolyte nutrition) 
 The Splenic/Lymphatic System (spleen, lymph glands) Energy, Stamina & Mental Focus (adrenals, spleen, nervous system) Sleep (pineal gland, adrenals, kidneys). Article: Trouble Sleeping? 
  • Day Calm & Deep Sleep (a non-habit forming herbal sleep support formula)
  • Ancient Mineral Blend (contains magnesium for relaxation of muscles & mind)
  • Ormalite (increases vivid dreams, calms the mind, but for those with extreme adrenal exhaustion Ormalite may act as a stimulant until adrenals are built up)
  • Sacred Clay (taken with Ancient Mineral Blend and Ormalite before bed helps speed sleep and improve getting back to sleep in the middle of the night)
  • Kidney & Adrenal Builder (taken during the day it strengthens adrenals, thus reducing nighttime cortisol, strengthens kidneys to slow nighttime urination)
 The Kidney & Urinary System (kidneys, bladder) 
 The Hormonal System (all hormone producing glands)The Sexual & Reproductive System (libido, performance, ovaries, uterus, prostate)
The Heart & Circulatory System (heart, veins, arteries, capillaries, pulse, blood pressure, cholesterol)The Nervous System (brain, spine, heart & solar plexus are all nerve centers) The Skeletal System (bones, bone marrow, joints, spine, cartilage, tendons)
  • Back Muscle & Joints (nourishes natural body processes which build tissue, cartilage, bone, joint repair & spinal alignment)
  • Sacred Clay (Mineral balance is essential for reconstruction and bone/tissue integrity)
  • Elk Velvet Antler (supports pituitary which produces Human Growth Hormone for reconstruction pruposes)
 The Structural Repair System (stemcells, pituitary human growth hormone, collagen development) 
  • Back, Muscle & Joints (supports natural body processes for tissue, cartilage, bone & joint repair and spinal alignment. Helps hold spinal adjustments)
  • Sacred Clay (provides minerals for collagen development)
  • Elk Velvet Antler (supports pituitary gland HGH production for structural repair)
  • Thyroid Balance (seaweeds support stem cell production)
 The Respiratory System (lungs, bronchial tubes, sinuses, oxygen exchange, mucus reduction) The Liver & Gall Bladder 

The Blood (cleanse & build the blood)
 The Dental System (teeth, gums, mouth, tongue)
  • Immune Power (a strong immune system is essential for healthy teeth & gums)
  • Sacred Clay (as a mouth swish, tooth powder with baking soda, and as a tooth pack)
  • AquiTerra Clay (as a mouth swish, tooth powder with baking soda, and as a tooth pack) 
  • Ancient Mineral Blend (as a tooth powder with baking soda, Sacred Clay & AquiTerra)

Dermatological System (skin, sweat glands, hair, nails)
  • AquiTerra Clay (best clay for softer, healthier skin)
  • Sacred Clay (best clay for skin detoxification)
  • Ancient Mineral Blend (minerals strengthen hair and nails)
  • Immune Power (the skin is one avenue through which the body purges toxins & pathogens)
  • Thyroid Balance (seaweeds promote stong hair & nails)
  • Spleen Builder The spleen supports lymphatic drainage. The lymph system delivers waste products from the blood to the skin)
  • Liver & Blood Support (Skin blemishes and rashes are commonly due to toxic liver. This is a strong formula, use moderately and only with clay baths)

The Ocular System (eyes)
  • Memory-Mental Clarity & Eyesight (herbs that promote the health of the ocular nerve and cleanse the liver, a common influence on eyesight)
  • Eyebright Composition Tea (Call the office for this) (mucus buildup in the eyeball is a common cause of dimished eyesight)

Ear, Nose, Tonsils & Throat
  • Immune Power (a strong immune system is the best defence against conditions of ear, nose & throat, often aggravated by sweets and fats)
  • Sacred Clay (gargles, netti pot, clay packs)
  • Spleen Builder (supports mucus reduction & the immune system)
  • Herbal Oxygen (supports mucus reduction)
 Tea, Salt, Sweeteners & Spices
  • Sumaraj Tea (comprehensive adaptogen fortified herbal tea)
  • Himalayan Salt (High sodium mineral salt)
  • Pink Sulfur Salt (aka Black Salt) (Low sodium, high sulfur mineral salt)
  • Fire! (a spicy hot, flavorful digestive support for almost any meal)
  • Curry Spice Blend (mild, no heat)
  • Smoothie Spice Blend (cinnamon and digestive spices for hot cereals, tea, etc.)
  • Licorice Root Powder (raw root powder, supports immune and hormonal health, keep under 1/2 teaspoon over a day)
  • Stevia Green Leaf Powder (safer than the white extract powder and the liquid drops, which can disrupt hormones due to over-concentration of a sweetener)
  • Yacon Powder (Call the office for this) (a mild natural root sweetener that supports probiotic proliferation) 
  Download The Year Round Cleanse & Revitalize Nutrient System Guide PDF                        Nutritional & Intuitive Consultation with Michael KingSEE MY BLOG TALK RADIO SHOWS With Michael King Below
BH Sales is now set up to offer liaison sessions with Michael King, simply by referencing the code“BH Sales”, when speaking directly with Michael or his staff. 
Sessions with Michael may take place over the phone or in person. At your option, the session may be recorded and sent or given to you at the end.
Sessions may last from 30 minutes to 2 hours and will be prorated at $100 per hour ($50 per half hour, $75 per 3/4 hour, etc.) and may continue for as long as questions remain.

You can check off the appropriate column at their website indicating your desire for a session and a Customer Service Rep will contact you to set up an ideal time and day. 

Consultations will be billed after the session then added to any product order to increase Volume Product Discounts (though sessions themselves are not discounted).
You may also call the office to set up this appointment directly (541-482-9633).BE SURE TO REFERENCE BH SALES IN YOUR CONVERSATION GO TO BH SALES 50/25 PAGE NOW
( This will qualify you for a BH Sales 50/25 Discount Virtual Voucher as a bonus)!Most sessions will vary in length based upon the questions that you may have.
Understand, Intuitive Consultations with Michael are billed, but there is no charge for herbal product discussions with our Customer Service Reps regarding how to use the products, diet and supplement questions, etc..
So feel free to call the office for basic questions of this nature, saving the more specific health/inner work questions for the session with Michael King.
Once you have set a day & time for the session with the office, prepare a Statement of Intent describing in a few words or sentences what you intend to accomplish during this session. 

The focus of the discussion will center around your Statement of Intent.
"I have intent:     
1) to know...     
2) to create...     
3) to heal...     
4) to become...(any one or all, as desired).
Your statement will help concentrate the session on the topics most important to you.
Sessions with Michael King may take place over the phone or in person. 

At your option, the session may be recorded and sent or given to you at the end.
Be prepared with paper and pen for brief notes, although, for those who request a recording, the replay will be available for the more extensive note-taking after the call.
Typically, a large amount of valuable information will be given during the session, so a recording of the session (at your discretion) will allow you to relax more during the call without having to take extensive notes and just absorb the information and ask questions spontaneously.
During each Private Consultation a range of personal subjects may be focused on as desired:Intuitive Health Assessment - which may include insights into the physical workings of your body, original spiritual/physical/emotional root causes, etc.
Tailored Nutritional Programs & Dietary SuggestionsRapid, Gentle Healing of Life TraumasIntuitive Read on Your Life Purpose/Soul Path
How to Live Full-Time in Your Passions, Skills & Purpose
Secrets to Manifesting Your Dreams & DesiresSelf-Image Re-sculpturing (the secret to success)Increasing Soul's Presence in Your Life
Finding Peace with Yourself and with OthersTo schedule a Private Consultation with Michael King call: 888-325-1475
PS: Below are a few links of interest which cover the basics of our recommendations in various areas. 

Reading the following articles may answer a number of questions and/or provide a basis of understanding around how & why our programs are structured they way they are.
As both a disclaimer and a bit of earth-based wisdom, it is very important to understand the principles upon which any recommendations made by Michael & the office staff are based. 

These foundational understandings are spelled out in this first article:
The Truth About Building Health Understanding the Power of Whole Earthen Resources to Build Health Naturally
What follows are links to the most important articles to read first as these articles (and old audio files) provide the essential basics of our programs:
OK, So What Foods CAN I Eat?Over 100 Foods You Can Eat (with Some Discretion) Food Combining Rules includedCandida - What Causes It and How to Manage ItA Few Surprising Facts about the Most Rampant Health Condition on the Planet!
Three Essentials for Vibrant Health
Cleanse Part 1 - Time for a Spring Cleanse??Benefits of Cleansing – An Introduction to Vitality’s Cleanse & Revitalize Program (for any time of year)
30 Day High Level Foundational Program Conference Call
30 Day High Level Foundational Program Recommendations and Options
Emotion Packed ImageryThe Secret to Manifestation – The Gentle Art of Self-Healing
Natural Intuitive - Life Path and Self Healing Consultation (to be scheduled and billed at time of session)

Customer Testimonial for The BH Sales Aquiterra Clay: have been suffering with a terribly infected tooth.The throbbing pain was killing me My face had swollen considerablyWell Bill sent me a jar of his new Aquiterra Clay I just received it Friday.
I immediately applied some on my face , and I mixed some in orange juice swishing it around and drinking it
It stopped my pain and took down the swelling within hours I had my daughter place an order also!!B.Sanders, VA.SEE MY XPRESS CHECKOUT
BH Sales Brady Eats Aquiterra ClayLive Cam Brady eating Aquiterra Clay
AquiTerra Benefits Compared to Sacred Clay
Similar, yet enhanced properties – Superior processing methodWe have recently discontinued the pyrophyllite clay (Sacred Clay) for internal use. We are shifting our basic human use clay to one that is proving to outperform even the pyrophyllite in several ways (though I am still a great fan of the pyrophyllite, as I am of all clays).When we find a superior version of clay (or herbs), our preference is to use it in the areas that it excels, thus the importance of this shift to a clay with a greater performance edge than the even the Sacred Clay."AquiTerra" is the name of our new clay for internal and skin application purposes. The name translates to "water-earth", representing the hydrothermal (underground aquifer) influence involved in the making of this clay geologically.How does AquiTerra compare with Sacred Clay? Go  here to discover why we consider AquiTerra superior to Sacred Clay in several ways, though we still have a great respect for pyrophyllite.Read about:AquiTerra Clay Benefits Compared to Sacred Clay
Purchase AquiTerra Clay    
I am currently still selling the Sacred Clay blended in bath products (Sacred Bath), though this may also change at some point in the future based on the observed performance of the new clay in the bath.
Sacred Beauty for skin application will contain the new clay, given the new clay's superior performance in the area of facials and topical applications.
Black Beauty will continue to contain Sacred Clay.
Silica Rich (pyrophyllite for agricultural purposes) will continue to be sold for the farm & garden, unless we find that AquiTerra out performs the pyrophyllite in the garden as well (possibly resulting in a blended product. 

Experiments are currently being performed to discover AquiTerra's benefits and right place in the garden. 

Time will tell on that though, so for now, the well proven benefits of Silica Rich will continue to be provided for the farm & garden, and Sacred Clay for the bath, while AquiTerra is our preferred source for internal use and on the skin. 
So far, how does AquiTerra compare with Sacred Clay?
1) First of all, AquiTerra tastes 10 times better than the Sacred Clay. AquiTerra has a mild taste with a subtle caramel flavor. 

A larger percentage of the clay is of a finer particle size than with the pyrophyllite, and therefore more fluffy, weighing almost 60% less than the pyrophyllite for the same volume of clay.
What was formerly 1 lb. of Sacred Clay (a standard one month supply) is now 200 grams (7 oz.) of AquiTerra for the same volume. 200 grams (7 oz.) of AquiTerra is a standard one month supply when taking 1 tablespoon (15 ml) per day. 

The finer particle size of AquiTerra translates into improved mineral nutrition and more effective detoxification.
2) AquiTerra is noticeably uplifting when consumed in water, much more so than the pyrophyllite clay. 
Sacred Clay does have a subtle lifting experience at a tablespoon (15 ml) or more, however, an upliftment can be experienced from AquiTerra with any amount, even a teaspoon (5 ml).
3) Those sensitive to the energetic vitality of a product, and those able to see the auric field of people and products, will likely notice a higher energy field from AquiTerra than Sacred Clay, though Sacred Clay was previously recognized as the highest energy clay known to certain intuitives, second only to Ormalite (which was estimated by to be at least four times more accelerated than Sacred Clay). 

AquiTerra sits somewhere between Sacred Clay and Ormalite in this energetic influence.
4) AquiTerra has less grit than the pyrophyllite due to our proprietary wet classification (sifting) process to extract the larger particles before drying. 

Dry milling methods grind hardened clay rocks & clay sand into powder resulting in a greater chance of sedimentary grit and a characteristically heavier end product).
Wet classification allows for room temperature particle size reduction, eliminating concerns over heat buildup during standard dry milling processes.
We exclude the sand & rock, passing it on to the agricultural side of our operation. 

This classification method does increase production costs, and is a slower operation, but we feel the effort is worth it, since the final result is a significantly enhanced quality clay product, especially compared to other clays.
5) Drying the clay is performed at the lowest possible heat setting of 240ºF (120ºC) using infrared, convection & conduction.
Most other clays are typically dried at much higher temperatures which denature the product in various ways (possibly explaining why some clays have a "dead" feeling about them).
Hydrothermally produced clays are commonly created in the earth at temperatures of 200ºC (400ºF) and above, so this low drying temperature is well below its original creation, leaving its inherent properties intact.
6) Only 5 seconds of milling is required to break down the dried AquiTerra into a fine powder (compared to several minutes for most clays using a dry method).
7) AquiTerra appears to have an improved edge over pyrophyllite when applied to cuts, bruises, spider bites, mosquito bites, rashes, etc. (though pyrophyllite possesses excellent properties in this area as well). 

An even more rapid healing has been observed upon application of AquiTerra.
8) When AquiTerra is applied to the skin, as in a facial, a remarkable softness to the skin is a common after effect. 

When doing a test with each clay on one half the face, we noticed a certain softness with the pyrophyllite, yet the AquiTerra side was significantly softer and appeared more hydrated.
9) AquiTerra is demonstrating improved effects over pyrophyllite in the area of settling the stomach and supporting digestion, though, again, pyrophyllite provides benefits in this area as well.
10) AquiTerra is found within 8 miles of the pyrophyllite clay location which is 15 miles from Crater Lake. 

So, geologically they are in close enough proximity to have been formed as a result of similar volcanic activities, thus may contain similar properties, though not identical.
The entire region has been influenced by both volcanic activity and the sacred energy of Mt. Mazama/Crater Lake for millions of years. The subsurface has a highly active aquifer system in place even to this day. 

Hydrothermal activity characteristic of this area was involved in both clay formations, lending to the exceptional properties contained in each one.
11) From a more technical perspective, both clays have cation exchange capacities (CEC) due to the hydrothermal alteration of both clays. 

Higher CEC translates to greater capacity for adsorption of heavy metals and chemicals in the system, along with the delivery of mineral nutrients to cells. 

Cation exchange capability is also a significant factor in soils, as this plays a role in the uptake of minerals through the roots.
12) AquiTerra contains a larger quantity of Ormalite (angstrom ormus) than the pyrophyllite, as it runs in thin veins throughout the new deposit, yet the same veins are not found in the pyrophyllite deposit. 
This unique characteristic of the Aquiterra Clay may account for its appreciably more uplifting feeling when consumed.

See my Soil Amendments page now for Sacred Clay Fertilizers-


BH Sales Sacred Clay Webcam video from February 15, 2015 05:36 AM (UTC)BH Sales Product Introduction Video BH Sales Sacred Clay Capsules and Sacred Clay New Packaging Details.

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a 
natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build -- Three Essentials for Vibrant Health" and the Vital Health News Updates - a weekly email newsletter documenting powerful life-changing concepts and earthen resources. 

He gives weekly conference calls on a wide range of topics from personal health, to inner healing, to gardening tips, to environmental cleanup, to the establishment of global harmony among nations.
His early life of compromised health led him to search for solutions within the world of natural medicine. Instinctively driven to use only "whole earthen resources", the powers of unaltered Nature not only restored health to his body, but also provided a wealth of insight into how the body works and which natural resources build health most effectively. 

He is now the originator of over 40 herbal and clay formulations focused around detoxification, maximum nourishment and system building. 

Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.
MORE Sizes Available

BH Sales ClientTestimonial for Sacred Clay  TESTIMONIAL:  As many of you know I have been a customer with Bill for a very long time and over the years we have developed a friendship that is lasting. He has been totally helpful with my endeavors to protect wildlife and my rescues.  

His intervention has saved many a life and made it better for the animal.This has led to our sharing experiences and results. I am always searching for a better way.  Some time ago a friend enlightened me to the value of Sacred Clay.  It made sense to me so I tried some to see how it might be useful to myself and my animals.  

It is indeed Manna from Heaven.  I cannot possibly list the many ways I have used it on myself and my creatures.  Transiting from being raised in the country part of the time, to a city girl, to a retired small rancher 
(farmer in the country),  I have made about every mistake there is.  

I did learn quickly that almost everything in the country bites one way or another.  Bees, spiders, and darn near each and every insect has bitten me one time or another.  The Brown Wolf Spider nearly got me and he does live up to his name. 

Sacred Clay came to the rescue and took away the pain and damage on that one. Insects live in everything.  I haul hay and feed each day along with the cleaning of chicken coop, barn, kennel, and garden  (House comes last!).

 I have rolled down the hill in mud and sprained almost everything, cut, scraped, and bruised all of me.  Clay to the rescue.  Its very good on bruises. Oh, I have a wood stove and yes it takes care of burns.  
I also stuck my finger in a fan in the chicken coop (don' t ask) and sliced it pretty good.  Clay again and no scarring.
I feel it is necessary at this point to interject that I do not like, nor do I trust doctors very much.  I do not medicate but instead rely on natural healing and natural foods which I grow on untreated land and a well that has no chemicals. 

Our ancestors survived much greater challenges than we do and never popped a pill. I have no use for Pharmas!!!  Taking a pill for each change in our lives does not make sense.  Nuff said.

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