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April 2017

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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Earthen Clay Water for Humans and Animals Sale+

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Adah's Holistic Healthy Meal Bags

Clay Water Mineral Drink - 1 Month PackageTo simplify ordering a one month supply of the Clay Water Mineral Drink we have created a special package with a discounted price. 

Here are the 3 components of the Clay Water Mineral Drink Package:A one month supply:
1. Combined Clay Water Minerals – 2 lb.     
(includes AquiTerraSacred Clay and Ancient Plant Minerals)
2. Vitallite – 70g.                                     $27. 
Ormalite – 9g.                                           $25 
Subtotal_______________$139Package Discount_________________less -$10 
Your Total___________________________$129 

To learn more about the Morning Flush and Day Long Clay Water Mineral Drink Recipes and Instructions for Use visit our Teleconference Call & Vital Health Newsletter on the subject: 

The BH Sales Barnacle Bill Animal Corner Virtual Mall of Savings for Holistic Animal Products Sale

Shellfish Free Liquid Glucosamine designed specifically for your aging cat's joint comfort, lubrication and mobility.

My cat is getting on in years, the ENP Cat Glucosamine has her more active, hopping and prowling again. 

This is OLD icon that's how long my cats have been using this fine product

I highly recommend this product if you feel your cat may be experiencing joint pain."  Tom Timmons, owner of Peanut in Colorado.

Due to their graceful movements and smaller size, cats usually don't display pain as obviously as dogs do. 

Just like all of us, their production levels of glucosamine decrease as they age, making them at risk for less lubrication, increased inflammation and joint and arthritis pain.

Watch your feline friend for signs of joint pain:
  • Resistance to be pet in certain places
  • Reluctance to jump or climb

  • Clumsiness, especially on stairs
  • Limping, difficulty in standing or regular grooming

Well Feline

ENP’s plant-based formula address your feline’s specific anatomy to provide for healthy joints, connective tissues and bone density. 

Good Manufacturing Practices
All our pet products are made in America at our GMP certified facility in Star, Idaho. 

Pet supplement manufacturers are not required to be formulated in a GMP certified facility and our commitment to do so sets us apart. Are you interested in becoming a Well Feline retailer? 

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