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May 2017

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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Liquid Organic Supplement Sale+

BH Sales ENP Liquid Curcumin
Curcumin is the yellow pigment associated with the curry spice and turmeric.

It exerts potent anti-inflammatory effects, and these anti-inflammatory effects may be protective against some form of cancer progression.

However, curcumin has additional anti-cancer effects that are independent of its anti-inflammatory effects and thus is a heavily researched molecule for both cancer prevention and treatment.

Curcumin is alleviating cognitive decline associated with aging and strengthens heart health by both electrical means and reducing lipid and plaque levels in arteries.

Curcumin is proving to be a good supplement for diabetes sufferers also.

Curcumin is a colon anti-inflammatory and can help with digestion.

Liquid curcumin can be a potent treatment for acute and chronic inflammation (RA) and is actually easy on the gut.

Effective Natural Products Liquid Curcumin Frequently Asked Questions How do I take your product? 

Effective Natural Products Liquid Curcumin is a once daily liquid dietary supplement. Suggested use is to take 2 Tablespoons (1 oz.) daily. 

One capful = 2 Tablespoons (1 oz.). May be taken with juice. What is the suggested dose? Suggested serving is 1 oz. daily – amount per serving is 1000 mg (1 g) of curcumin complex.


Any known interactions with other drugs or supplements? 
Please consult your physician prior to use of ENP Curcumin or any other supplements you seek to take. 

How many servings per container? 

Our 32-ounce bottle yields 32 servings – generally a one month supply. Is your product made in the USA? Our products are made in a GMP 

Turmeric Curcumin possesses abilities to:
 Support joint and bone health
 Enhance cognitive functioning

Benefit cardiovascular health
 Bolster immune system defenses
 Fight free radicals within the body

Promote mobility and flexibility
Help regulate the digestive system
Provide antioxidant health benefits
Optimize comfort in hands and feet
Empower positive overall well-being

Powerful Potency
1000 mg of pure turmeric curcumin per day is the minimum recommended daily serving size that has been evidenced by numerous clinical studies to actually help your body thrive—

Maximum Absorption
Curcumin is not an easy supplement for your body to absorb.

 If you are not achieving maximum absorption, you might pass too much of it out of your system for it to be effective. 

No Binders or Fillers

Always ensure that the turmeric curcumin extract is plant-derived, from a wholesome source, and that the top ingredient on the label is pure turmeric curcumin.

Natural ingredients are essential in any high-quality turmeric supplement.

Why Liquid is Better?
Fast & full absorption – Liquids are assimilated into the body upon entering the mouth; allowing complete utilization of these vital nutrients by the body without delay.

Digestibility –Pills are often difficult to digest leading to stomach upset, slow and little absorption by the body. 

With liquid supplements little energy is wasted on the digestion process. Nutrients are quickly utilized by your organs.

Dosage frequency – Liquid supplements offer a low dosage, less frequently. 

Most times one small dose a day is all you’ll need. 

Liquid supplements have bioavailable nutrients. 

Liquid supplement formulations and shakes can give better value for your money, when estimating a cost per dose.

Start your day with Both BH Sales Sacred Clay Water and also… with a BH Sales Breakfast Milkshake

BH Sales offers a healthy milkshake combo that will make you feel better in the morning. especially when combined with BH Sales Sacred Clay Water!. 

It helps hone your focus and reduce inflammation for we arthritis sufferers and relieves discomfort.

Heat one cup of milk  on medium heat
Pour warm milk into a blender. Add two teaspoons of  ENP Liquid Curcumin, 1 tsp BH Sales Wild Maine Blueberry Powder, 1 tsp honey. 1 tsp BH Sales Sacred Clay, 1 tsp BH Sales IKB Icelandic Kelp Powder and blend well.

Drink while warm and wait for half an hour before you drink or eat. This will assure the optimal absorption of the ingredients , to include the ENP Liquid Curcumin.

Combine this cocktail with your morning Sacred Clay Water-diversify this recipe enjoy multiple times daily and weekly!

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