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June 2017

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BH Sales Kennel Kelp BH Sales Code Extra Value Added Savings

 BH Sales Maple Syrup

Clean, pure of all the so-called “comfort” foods, maple syrup is high on the list. Sweet, warm and satisfying, a helping of mouth-watering maple syrup dripping off a stack of pancakes or filling every waffle square is a wonderful way to start your morning.

That said, there are lots of commercial brands on the market today that don't really contain much in the way of genuine maple. Lots of them are only maple-flavored, and many of those contain lots of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, linked to type-2 diabetes and obesity.

That means they lack important antioxidants like zinc and manganese, which are not present in cane sugar-based syrups.

Our Health Ranger Select Organic Maple Syrup is exactly what nature intended it to be - wholesome, surprisingly nutritious and pure.

Maple Syrup Order Yours Now
(Grade A)
Try Our Cleansing Recipes

If you're seeking a master cleanse...Ingredients:• 2 cups water•  2 tbs start the cleanse today 

Combine all ingredients in a glass or mason jar.
Add 2 pinches of cayenne pepper. 
Mix well.

Garnish your glass or mason jar with the lemon slice and enjoy.
 1 lemon
 1 tsp MSM Flakes  
1/2 tsp magnesium 

2 cups water 

2 tbs maple syrup 
2 tbs apple cider vinegar
2 pinches of cayenne pepper
Cut the lemon in half, then cut off one slice from either half. Set that slice aside. 

Combine the maple syrup and water in a glass or mason jar. 
Add the magnesium and MSM flakes.Squeeze juice from the lemon halves into the mixture.

Garnish your glass or mason jar with the lemon slice and enjoy.
If you're seeking a SUPER cleanse...
Don't settle for anything less than 100% syrup 

Not all maple syrups are alike. In fact, there are two distinct “grades” of syrup and several variations, based on color. 

Grade A syrups can be Light Amber, Medium Amber or Dark Amber, while Grade B maple syrup is the darkest.

Dark syrups are harvested later in the season and contain the strongest maple flavoring. These are usually used in recipes and for baking.

Our Health Ranger Select Organic Maple Syrup is Grade A Dark Amber made from the cleanest, purest trees that have never been treated with pesticides. 

It's bursting with flavor and comes with hints of caramel and wood, giving it a unique, subtlety sweet aroma that reflects its true authenticity. Our syrup is lab-tested, kosher verified and USDA certified organic.

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