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June 2017

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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Diatomaceous Earth for Flea and Bug Control

BH Sales Equine Summer Care Kit
I recently introduced my new Equine Summer Care Package, to include the new sheath cleaning butter kit.

Some horses object to sheath cleaning and require sedation, BH Sales kit includes the Relax Aromatherapy for both you and your horse.
Some horses accept the process if the groomer is careful and patient,  helping the horse "drop" for easier cleaning. 

Ideally, the horse will be desensitized to tolerate the procedure. My power trio, will relax the horse by alleviating pesky flies!

To begin, a gentle stream of warm water is run into the sheath from a hose or a large, needless syringe. 

This will loosen and soften some of the material and make it easier to remove. 

The process requires either that the horse "drop" his penis or that the groom reach up inside of the sheath to pull the penis gently from the sheath by the glans (head) in order to apply cleaner and carefully clean the entire region.

The "bean" is often found in the urethral diverticulum, a pocket adjacent to the opening of the urethra, so that area must also be checked. 

The introduction of BH Sales Diatomaceous Earth, Kennel Kelp for Horses, and BH Sales Sacred Clay can enhance good urinary tract health, to make your sheath cleaning less tenuous and nerve wracking. BH Sales Relax Aromatherapy is key!
This is where the introduction of a diet that includes Kennel Kelp Custom Blend for Equine with Barnacle Bills Wild Maine Blueberry Powder and my BH Sales Power Trio=good urinary tract health!

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