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June 2017

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BH Sales Kennel Kelp The Challenges of Inner City Dog Walkers

BH Sales Making Dog Walking Truly Casual you can train dogs for a"casual" walk  that's more enjoyable. 

Dogs that get regular walks can be friendly, exuberant, playful, and AGGRESSIVE.  

Urban environments present unique
challenges. Dog congestion exists

In the case of a professional dog walker controlling multiple dogs, this can lead to the dogs literally walking the professional dog walker down the street.

Dogs come in all sizes, shapes, breeds, and with their own behavioral traits.

 Dogs can have really poor leash manners, making them uncontrollable dogs. 

Dogs innate curiosity , natural energy levels,  acute smell-driven impulses, excitability, meeting and greeting fellow dogs, and those little squirrels and birds-can cause multiple distractions to the dogs. 

While bad leash behaviors are likely more controllable in small breeds, large and strong dogs can physically overpower and control the dog walker if left to repeat negative habits on a-leash. 

Wrap around belt leash attachments are not a solution. However, Liberty Wristband is!

Situations become increasingly dangerous with big breed dogs, having massive weight, power, and strength. 

 Crosswalks and hot asphalt is hard on pets paw pads=BH Sales Exclusive Blend Paw Pad Butter has you covered.

 BH Sales aromatherapy 
helps dogs stay relaxed and focused. 

When combined with The Liberty Wristband, the hands off full control, facilitates so much comfort and focus for both the dog, and the dog walker!

In a large Metropolis traffic is heavy, lunging dogs chasing wild animals, birds, squirrels or other pets, pedestrians loud noises, back firing cars and more.. 

Especially in large, congested cities, it is imperative that humans retain control of their four-legged friends.

There is a way to have a more in control and relaxed event. 
Combine The Liberty Wristband and BH Sales Relax Aromatherapy
Maintaining control of your dog is the top priority, for both you and your dog’s safety.

Retractable leashes and belt style attachments increase the risk of dogs entanglement. 

Many dog’s of different breeds have different temperaments.

Utilize BH Sales Dog Aromatherapy Relax , Focus, and Age Well formulas.
BH Sales Seeking Service Dog Providers % of Sales To Be Donated To Disabled Vets

Communicate with the dogs as the dog walker, this will ensure your dogs receive controllable relaxed attitudes.


Your walking will be focused on the behavior of your dogs. 

Use of The "Hands Off" Liberty Wristband  the dog walker, will facilitate the walkers training of the dogs teaching them good etiquette while on a leash in ways never possible with “classic” dog walking leashes.

This device will ensure both dogs’ safety and that of those around them. 

I am looking for both the household dog owner to acquire my Liberty Wristband. I am also looking to align with service dog providers to help handicapped dog owners enjoy a casual walk with their dog.

This amazing product has a definite application as a medical device.

Disabled dog owners can enjoy their pets with this amazing Liberty Wristband.

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