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July 2017

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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Group Purchasing Plans for Savings

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Group Purchasing Plans
Mornin' Bill: Just wanted to compliment you on your continued efforts to bring holistic care to our animal friends. 

My group of dogs love the Sea Jerky and they are also getting the fish oil and glucosamine. I realize that it is difficult for people to find the extra money for their pets when we are all so strapped.

I struggle along with everyone else to do this but it is important to me and I will deprive self for the sake of making certain that my dogs have the best I can give them.
It seems everyone has their hand out reaching for our dwindling finances but I must choose and turn away those that I cannot afford to help. 

I must take care of my own. We appreciate your help with all the discounts offered and I marvel at your persistence to stay the course in such difficult times. 

I appreciate your working with my board and our group "Animal Partners" and offering our posters and members discounts and assistance. We may be few but we are true. B Sanders-Va.

Hi Bill: I really like your videos. They make everything so personal. 

Well, here goes...DIATOMACEOUS EARTH one of my favorite products. I have been using it for over 17 years+. Being a breeder of the wonderful ultimate hunting dog the Dogo Argentino and showing for many years.

When I retired I concentrated more on my specialized diets for the dogs.  I  once walked into the kennel to feed and found my new baby of one year sitting in his kennel next to a nice pile of round worms. 

Disgusting you say, yes, and its my fault as I did not give him the "earth". 
I immediately gave him a good dose of it in his food and the next day all gone. 

The harsh winter and my being lazy was behind this outbreak. Its over now and I will be very careful from here on. My point, a once a month addition of the "earth" to their food and there is no problem.

I give it 3 days the first of each month and I have never in 35 years had a flea, the exception being a when a rescue comes in, nor do I have ticks. 

Ugh!! Ticks are Nasty. This product can also be spread on the ground outside the kennel. As Bill stated it is a powder that you sprinkle on their food and in the summer I use it on their coats. I can get away with this because the Dogo is a solid white dog. 

I rub it into their fur. They like that part. Now, I also have chickens, it is good for them and I sprinkle it on their feathers and in their food. I use it in my garden and dust my tomatoes and veggies with it and I also work it into the soil.

I use it on my shrubs and flowers when the Japanese Beetles arrive. It works on everything. It can also be sprinkled on your cereal as humans also have parasites in their guts.

I know you do not want to hear that but it is true. A while back a farmer where I get my pastured beef asked me about his outdoor dog who had fleas and was covered with ticks. 

So I told him about the "earth" and he looked at me and said: "you mean the stuff I give my pastured cattle?"

Yep, the same thing. Livestock, pets, birds, plants all have the same issues at one time or another and so this wonderful product that has been around forever is so simple and logical that we as humans have a hard time accepting it because it is not complicated. It is also not expensive. 

A small amount goes a long way. I will be looking for the 25 lb. package as I run around my farm sprinkling it on everything. It does not affect the butterflies or bees as they are pollen collectors and do not eat our plants. 

Once I retired from the city I ran back to the country and now live in the mountains. 

Lots of things live in the mountains and so we have to share our space and not inhibit the wild creatures so using pesticides is not acceptable here. 

Diatomaceous Earth does no harm. I apologize for being so long winded but I want people to understand how lucky we are that Bill will now be handling this product. He and I met a long time ago over fish oil and kelp. It has been a rewarding association. Thank you.

Lynn Gilles-Sanders
Hi: My name is Lynn and I am married to Barbara's son Darren. We have three dogs. Two are labs and one is a mix.

I sent Darren out for dog food and he came home with an injured dog that the shelter had at the pet store trying to find it a home. 

Seems it had a serious leg/hip injury (hit by a car) and the owners dropped it off at the shelter, no one would pay to have it helped. 

He had serious skin and coat issues also-Paws and Nose where in bad shape also. A little Relax Aromatherapy helped too!

So my dog food that day cost over $700 and the dog is now mine and doing quite well I must say.However Darren is no longer allowed to go to the pet store. Needless to say I immediately received Kennel Kelp and Dog Liquid Glucosamine from B. 

Last Christmas my dogs got a lovely basket of goodies, BH Sales Dog Hip/Joint, BH Sales Shampoos,  BH Sales Soaps and all kinds of wonderful items for the dogs from BH Sales. 

I am using them all and they are excellent and the BH Sales Dog Glucosamine is continually being used on all but, especially the injured dog. 

We have seen improvement in our rescue and he is pain free at this time and we expect him to improve even more. It will always be an issue for him but his comfort and good health will make his life better. 

Our dogs are very special to us and we do our best to give them a healthy life. Our rescue is the best watchdog we have ever had.

Bill and BH Sales have helped our dogs get healthy and stay that way!

Carol Johnson 
Thanks for your information about snow nose. I have Bolognese dogs and the last litter of 4 , one of the pups nose's turned brown at about 6 months of age. 

I have given the Kennel Kelp and BH Sales Dog Nose Butter to this 1 yr old dog, and I have seen great results. I'll keep using your products.

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