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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Innovative One of Kind Exclusive Products

BH Sales Kennel Kelp
Behind the scenes conversations of how my manufacturers and I work hard for our clients.

We strive to produce exclusive and unique application products that provide your customers that you service at your store.

BH Sales , and my manufacturers, in one isolated instance, for now, are putting our collective heads together for new drawing board plans for retail packaging and product combo blending for my new BH Sales Veterinarian Kit=new product diversification

I stated in the Blog Talk Show Today about securing the buyer appointment with the larger retailers is a slow and meticulous introduction process.

Offering and introducing completely unique, not known, exclusive Private Label and Custom Products increasing the duration of time to gain consumer confidence.

BH Sales strives to build sales history with the individually owned and operated retailers.

BH Sales 50/25 Program The Health Ranger

I can get my products in a lot faster because of their uniqueness. 

BH Sales Niche marketing deviates a tad from the traditional means of advertising via SEO, Facebook, and all the avenues of social media.

I presently only use Twitter, and only to announce my shows and updated blogs

I mention in my Blog Talk Show today about one of the most effective and cost effective ways to sell to retail stores is through Social Media-

I talk about utilizing both my supplying manufacturers sites, and social media, and those of my own clients=cost control and time management for small sole proprietor.

The most effective quality I have found to sell to retail stores in the past, is persistence. BH Sales must call on established and new accounts via direct mail, email and (phone very semi regularly) on a regular ongoing basis.

I am doing this last selected- trade show that delivers high volume qualified traffic in a new market for these products.

VETERINARIAN OFFICES, and then engaging prospective wholesale customers with passionate enthusiasm for my products. 

Dogs use their nails for traction digging into the ground. I talked a bit about my race dog contingent of clients, and how I have devised customized products, with the very able bodied and talented staffs of my manufacturers.

BH Sales offers a product that help your senior or special needs dog walk without you having to put up with tugging, pulling,  and out of control dog walking-

Medically infirmed, feeble or weak in body, in service wounds or  compromised health, especially because of age; ailing dog owners.
This is a God Send One of A Kind Medical Device

Veterinary Wholesale
BH Sales provides confident mobility for your patients, peace of mind for your clients, and a residual revenue stream for your practice.

Wholesale accounts are available exclusively to veterinarians, be them Horse Vets, Horse practitioners, animal trainers, animal behavioral practitioners animal vets-CCRPs, CCRTs, Canine PT’s, CPOs, and AVCA-certified doctors and so forth.

BH Sales exclusively distributes only Custom Blend and Private Label All Natural Holistic Health Care Products for dogs, cats, and horses.  
And of course The Liberty Wristband that is included with our aromatherapy-for dogs

BH Sales completes our wholesale offerings with Custom Blend Shampoos and Soaps that simply are not available ANYWHERE ELSE

BH Sales also offers Private Label Liquid Glucosamines for dogs, cats, and horses-and BH Sales Custom Blends and Earthen Clays offer Custom Blends and Private Labeling opportunities.

With this unique, patent-pending Liberty Wristband, BH Sales Distributes a one of a kind medical device for handicapped dog walkers. 

 ALL service dogs therapy dogs guide dogs and every dog.

This product combined with my aromatherapy for dogs-to include  all three formulas Relax Focus  and Age Well gives immediate uniqueness and exclusivity to your office and your practice.

  • Enable Complete Health Care to Your Patients Pets Internally externally by providing all natural skin ,coat, and joint protection
  • head to toe perfection and healing soothing clays for boo boos paws- nose elbows and ear cleaners and more!
  • I  offer Easy Terms Easy and Attainable Minimums
  • These products will Improve Mobility, Stability & Confidence
  • BH Sales Liquid Glucosamines for horses, dogs, and cats provides movement and spatial orientation arising from within the body itself. 
  • Also available in human liquid glucosamine and vitamin formulas for humans also, these connectors to the brain by nerves within and the body need nourishment of key trace minerals. 

  • BH Sales custom blend Kennel Kelps which are High In anti-oxidants, they work synergistically to literally make a fine tuned animal. 

  • My clay waters allow for proper digestion, and alkaline ph balancing of the animal.  These products help inner ear balancing dilemmas in your pets inner ear. 

Glucosamines good for animals at any age and really great for aging pets especially helpful for older arthritic dogs that are weak in their hind limbs.  

Coupled with BH Sales Age Well Aromatherapy and Kennel Kelp -your pet has an ease of transition during the senior years. 

BH Sales Private Label dog cat and horse glucosamines are great for geriatric animals 

Great after care all natural salves and creams-post-op knee dogs to prevent ESPECIALLY RACING DOGS with my Custom Gallon sand toe-Butters-glucosamines and aromatherapy you truly heal the animal on an existential level good for the mind body and soul after surgery.  

Great idea!
Develop a distribution network for my products. distribution network may be retail establishments and or retail service providers that may use my products in their business.  

By establishing a distribution network I will expand my products footprint and develop

Offering a multi-tiered distribution program that  can reward me as a distributor with negotiating lower wholesale prices based on the amount of products sold.,

 I help to create incentives for my proprietors to use these products as I establish strong relationships with my manufacturers-products.

The products go hand-in-hand so it’s a win-win.  
It gets me directly to the people who sell  their existing accounts or potential new accounts with a new products.-

BH Sales follow up has been extremely effective!  

People love their senses. Give them a chance to feel, touch, smell, etc.

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