BH Sales Kennel Kelp 3 Steps to Huge Savings Group Plan
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BH Sales Kennel Kelp 3 Steps to Huge Savings Group Plan

BH Sales Power Trio-SAVE $$ ON The Worlds Finest Nutrient Laden Pet Food Supplement KENNEL KELP PRODUCTS 

With a minimum qualifying amount, it allows you,
family, friends ,and colleagues to save between 15-30% off the retail price of Kennel Kelp quality holistic healthcare products.

Kennel Kelp's Group Purchase Program ~ 3 Steps To Savings

1.. The minimum opening order to participate in the KKGPP is determined by selecting
one of the three GROUP PURCHASING PLANS 

2.. Contact me for further details on the KKGPP and let me know if you require a handy KK Order Sheet Contact Me

Distribute a Kennel Kelp Group Purchase Sheet to each member of your group. Let everyone know when their orders are due back to you, and to whom they should make any checks payable to, such as the coordinator of your group. 

3.. Then you can place your order online at

Please note that your order will not be processed until the payment is received.

Kennel Kelp asks to receive orders at least 5 business days prior to your selected delivery date, or submit your order via mail if you prefer. 

We will send your group an order acknowledgment, 
  when your order arrives, please check it against the order acknowledgment to ensure 100% accuracy. 

With your order each member of your group will receive a numbered Kennel Kelp Privilege Card. 

This card entitles members ( in correlation to the initial plan selected) to a minimum of 15%, and up to a 30% savings on all orders placed through the Group at our website

Buy Kennel Kelp As A Group And Save Big!



BH Sales 50/25 Program

Customer must provide proof of being a member of
the KKGPP under the criteria listed above.

Annual Target Volume is $1500 per group, per calendar year. The minimum
opening order is $700 net. 

Continuing orders must total $500 net each.The
group meeting this criteria will receive a 30% discount


Customer must provide proof of being a member of
the KKGPP under the criteria listed above.
The Annual Target Volume is $1,000 per group, per calendar year. The minimum opening order is $500 net. - Continuing orders must total $300 net each . 

The group meeting this criteria will receive a 25% discount



Customer must provide proof of being a member of
the KKGPP under the criteria listed above. 

The Annual Target Volume is $750 per group per calendar year. The minimum
opening order is $150 net. Continuing orders must total $75 net each .
-The group meeting this criteria will receive a
15% discount

Purpose of our Kennel Kelp Group Purchase Plan

Bring value to our shared customers through the establishment of a
private shopping community.

Offer competitive pricing in exchange for business volume and business

Produce strong discounts for our partner clients through the structure
of a group purchasing plan that rewards our members for the volume they

If your ambitions are to utilize superlative pet healthcare products, and  ENJOY SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS,- BH Sales Kennel Kelp Savings 

Programs are based on the unyielding principles of trust, interoperability, and collaborative strength between breeder and customer and customer and supplier – Kennel Kelp offers an intelligent solution (based upon proven principles) to meet
or exceed each expectation.

  • Natural! Made in USA
  • Convenient & Tasty Formula Your Dog Will Love! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Try it today! Your Dog will be happier and healthier
Making the world a better place is important and that’s why % of each sale is DONATED to Animal Rescue and to help support Disabled Vets handicapped dog owners.

  • RISK FREE: Your pet’s health is extremely important! That’s why we stand by all our products and give a 100% FULL REFUND if you aren’t satisfied with your product. This means there is NO RISK for you to try it.

ORGANIC . BH Sales Sacred Clay and my Custom Dog Glucosamine is a natural anti-inflammatory and provides natural relief to pets suffering from hip and joint pain

Moisturize Your Dog's Paws

It soothes cuts, scratches, skin irritations and paw abrasions, and the best part is you can get it

Thank you for enrolling in the BH Sales Kennel Kelp Breeders Program. 

Please fill out the information below and print out this page, and also include a copy of only 2 of the following: your business card or letterhead, any promotional material (such as website, press, or advertisements), or business license.
Failure to include them can delay processing of your application.If your business address is a PO Box, please also include a street address to process your application. BH SALES needs a street address in order to send your kit.

Upon application approval, BH SALES will send you a voucher for a free 1 lb.  bag of Kennel Kelp and puppy/cat registration forms plus samples and literature to give out with your litters. 

You will also receive coupons totaling $3.00 for every new puppy registration you send in and $3.00 in Kennel Kelp 

Doggy/Cat Bucks  (combinable coupons) for every Breeder referral you add to my program.


BH Sales Offers Unique Selling Propositions for Pet Shop Proprietors




Kennel Kelp Welcomes Kathy Dannel Vitcak & Blissful Dog Talking Canine Skincare

For reorders, new kits, or questions, please email:
Enrollment Information
Please type your information in the boxes below. 

ALL Information is required information:
First Name: ... 
Business Name :
Zip Code:
Shipping Address:

Fax Number:

Breed(s) of Dogs/Cats:
Number of Litters per year:
Date of Birth?
In support of Kennel Kelp Breeders Program, I agree to supply my new puppy/cat owners with samples of and literature about Kennel Kelp.
Signature ______________________________________ 
Referred by (Name and Address of Breeder who referred you to the program):

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Dog & Horse

more heartbreaking than knowing there are dogs and horses who have lost their homes, dogs and
death because they had the bad luck to be turned into a shelter or pound that kills them when

As a life long pet owner, pet lover, and animal advocate, I have done my altruistic part over the
The high influx rate of animals going into rescue and now there are more and more every single
I believe anyone involved with dogs and horse should also be involved in rescue on some level.

all of us have deep pockets to contribute large amounts of cash, but we can all support on some

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are Icelandic Kelp Powder and BH Sales AquiTerra Clay Butters also believe the more helpless a

Mahatma Gandhi
legitimate 501 (3)(c) rescue organizations. If your rescue has not gotten its 501 (3)© contact me
flexible and usually can work within the logistics.

• Custom labels with Your Logo
• Donations for Your Raffles, Auctions, Events
Fundraising by selling quality products with with your rescue’s logo is a great money-making

1. Price is right
3. Custom labels at no extra charge
4. Items are small and easy to send via mail

  • BH Sales Power Trio is at the core of The Most Versatile and UNIQUE Skin Care Product Available, Helps Heal and Soothe Whatever Skin Condition Your Pet May Experience
  • Use on Dry, Irritated Skin and Coat That Can Crack, Split, or Chafe. You Can Feel its Effect Immediately, and it Lasts

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