BH Sales Kennel Kelp Supports Animal Rescue Update
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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Supports Animal Rescue Update

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Supports Animal Rescue
Happy pup-date, August microchip discount, community fundraisers and more..
:Happy pup-date, August microchip discount, community fundraisers and more...VISIT ARLGP NOW
The Header is from my Local ARLGP-Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland
This is my granddaughter Adah-

I talk about her in my BTR Show Today

Adah loves animals she started her own small scale rescue club She has learned how to grow her own food I taught her about butterflies when she was much younger- Unfortunately, Adah had to deal with the reality of 

ALL WE PET OWNERS have to face and process-The time has come when Madison's time has come to go to The Rainbow Bridge and wait for us to greet an meet with ALL OUR DECEASED PETS once again in the after life. Madison was put to rest yesterday.

She has two more remaining RESCUE KITTIES, and unfortunately she lost another senior cat Manny within the last couple of years.

The tough lesson she has learned also is what is and was most benevolent for the pet(s).

I imparted upon her, as back up support of what her parents of course had already prepped her for-as much as it hurts us to say goodbye it is what was best to end the suffering of our family pets.

She had a tough overnight, but is better on day one after-This cat Madison-especially as she her self(Madison aged and debilitated rapidly) became Adah's Cat exclusively to some degree. 

Although Madison woke up Her own Mom Pet Parent, she also spent time with Adah every morning -for A.M Routine breakfast, snippet of TV time, prepping for SCHOOL again soon, etc etc.

I was with Adah while Grammy (my wife), and my daughter in law Didi-paid that horrible visit to Vets for the much needed euthanizing again for  benevolence on part of thinking about the animal first the animal.

I  talked to Adah just a bit  during that visit, as I said to her what do you need right now? Grampa's undivided attention, or quiet time?

I told her dad had to stay at work he is a delivery driver-just couldn't get home until after work-

We decided she take a nap alone time in her room. Of course with Gramps being right there when and if she needed me.

I told her that those big strong arms of Dad would also soon be there to love and console her ( my arms aren't that big- but I'm pretty strong) so she got her hugs from me too!. She agreed trying to rest was the best short term.

PLUS it would seem as though Dad was there that much sooner because she slept!

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We were scheduled for a beach day today, in lieu of yesterdays events, and a not so good beach day today-tomorrow me her and Dad will have FUN so the promise of ice cream did raise a smile!!

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