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BH Sales Kennel Kelp The Worlds Finest Nutrient Laden Pet Supplement

BH Sales Kennel Kelp The Worlds Finest Nutrient Laden Pet Food Supplement

BH Sales new products 
for dogs can supply this group  service with minimum financial outlay, it's essential to focus exclusively on the prospects you believe are most likely to purchase. 
These may be customers who are currently buying something similar and will appreciate the additional features my new products and services  provide.

The Musher Club prospects have a perceived need for what I offer. BUY NOW SAVE NOW

They want to know what they can afford to buy , and  I have demonstrated a willingness to work with them to abate any questions or concerns that they may have.


I  do so , and I have found over the years, its always easier to fill a need than to create one.

I must attain a clear understanding of what you are presently using, what you are looking for,  I must offer inducement in turn  determine whom will want to take advantage of my offer.  

I  now  have to show you why customers will want to buy from me vs. the vast field of competitors out there.

 What benefits and features will I provide that my prospective customers will value most? 

The bottom line is that my products and services "bundle" is unique and meets the needs and desires of my best prospects.
 I create a multi-channel  of my fellow marketers achieving the greatest success because customers who can shop when and however they like tend to spend more and shop more often. 

My strategy is to market a low-cost  high efficacy and fully guaranteed series of fine Custom and Private Label holistic health care products. 
Direct marketing plus online sales are my primary channels, and  I employ tactics including  online ads and blogs that link to my website.
 I test my concepts and marketing approaches. 
With all the money it takes to bring a new product or service to market, it's foolhardy to rush headlong into the launch phase prior to interacting and testing and doing a trial evaluation. 

What should you test? It's best to examine my products and services bundle. 
Buy Now Save Now

Depending on what you plan to purchase and your budget, you can use formal focus groups (or simply host roundtable discussions with members of your club members) so a survey, put it in your newsletters, I can come to your meeting(s) with an invite-,  you should employ online research  or distribute my products to a select group of users within your club membership. 

Only after testing is complete, should you proceed to the final creation of my products.
 You should consider using your own creative grass roots marketing to build buzz within your own community to help promote these BH Sales Products.

I then can better be prepared to adjust 
my campaign to take advantage of what's working best.

Know my product's lifecycle vs what you are presently using. The campaign you use during the introduction and education phase of m y products and services launch will need to be updated as my products or services  are implemented as we grow together. 

BH Sales Group Purchasing Plans were created to leverage the purchasing power of a group of businesses or club members to obtain discounts me as a supplying vendor, based on the collective buying power of your members.
Saving Businesses and Clubs
 Money Through Effective
Group Purchasing Solutions
Modality therapy ,  is a method of  therapeutic 
healing for your pets.

Set up  a series of questions that would help your interaction within your own club-you know your members  I don't YET!
 You should preliminarily figure out which BH Sales Custom and Private Label products are right for you BY GROUP CONSENSUS. 

 As an added bonus, it allows potential users of my products to give me feedback information in a fun way, almost like a game.

The common  issues all marketers find challenging to overcome is how do I get buyers to choose my products.
Especially, when they are already in the habit of buying other brands.

Human habits are hard to break — especially if you are competing with a well-known (and liked) brand that has a good “relationship” with a significant segment of your market, i.e. MUSHERS BRAND Dog Butters.

The key issue is  in this significant market segment, you all have the habit of choosing a particular brand, and if there is not a very strong and compelling reason to switch, most  of you won’t.  I need to determine What are  your habits?

There are so many different ways to look at habits. When created by effective branding and communications strategies they are:

Cognitive shortcuts to purchase what you are already comfortable with.  

Keep in mind now, you guys and gals invited me, stating that your members have posed interest in securing table top vendors that provide more nutritive value.

When you grocery Shop-If you prefer Coca Cola and are in the habit of choosing it over other choices,  you do not have to think much when you go to the market to buy cola. It saves you time and energy so you may not take the energy and initiative to explore your other options??.

Relationships between the seller’s brand and buyers. When fans root for their favorite teams or wear clothing associated with that team, they are showing their relationship with the team and fellow fans. 

Certain buyers receive a contribution to their own personal brand when they identify with status brands. 

The association with BH Sales with the brand identifies you as a member of an exclusive club.

Neuroscience view of buying habits when 
viewed in terms of buying physiology, habits are 

(1)paths , (2) fortified connections, or (3) well-worn paths in the brain. The benefit to me seller is that you buy in bulk, or most assuredly should!

The benefit to the buyer is it enables the buyer’s brain to be relaxed .

What habits do for people?
Buying Habits speed up decision making much the same way that unclogged drains  flow more freely.
Using a drain cleaner and plunging, enables faster travel of all that funky gunk, hair, toothpaste expelled saliva, whatever. 

Before addressing the clog-the draining is trickling a slow pace-but you not really solving any clogging problems.

Once upon a time as our highway roads were built, vehicles had to find pathways through what were dense forests, brush, or muddy fields. 

That took time, was often dangerous, and usually caused damage to the vehicles involved. Habits form in the buyer’s brain for similar reasons leading to quicker and safer buying decisions.

Why are they hard to break?

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