BH Sales Kennel Kelp Why Thorvin for Active and Working Dogs TOO Sale+
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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Why Thorvin for Active and Working Dogs TOO Sale+

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Jumpstarts
 Humans and Animals
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BH Sales Mushers Group Purchasing
For you NH Mushers Coming In
Back in The Day 
The BH Sales Omega Dog was my Logo for my THEN OCEAN OMEGA MENHADEN FISH OIL

HealthySkin and Coat in your pets are key indicators.
How and when
 (degree of frequency) you monitor and treat your pets  is necessary info to exchange.

When we do consultative selling, Jaye and I from NH on the immediacy- if you will-, 

We will together discover that in most situations,  are usually minor in nature-and  we can get them cured quite expeditiously, easily, and cost effectively.

My Kennel Kelp, and My BH Sales Private Label Dog Glucosamine and my other POWER TRIO components are going to jumpstart your dogs metabolism from day one.

Most issues can be abated or eliminated-with a multi vitamin-Especially a liquid one!!!!!!

Allergen Causes of Itchy Skin
 Fleas: BH Sales Diatomaceous Earth
Environment: Kennel Kelp
Food: Earthen Clay Liquid Vitamins
I want to somewhat piece meal this info for my new visitors!
Fleas: These "buggers" are a nemesis not just from being on your dogs, but they can pose  potential serious health threats to not only your dogs, but YOU also!
With these synergistic combinations of Kennel Kelp.

BH Sales Private Label Liquid Multi Vitamins and Dog Glucosamines, and BH Sales Earthen Clays

You've got better things to do than search and shop and search some more. 

Plus, with the launch of MY CUSTOM BH

BH Sales Clean Dogs Products
for your dog's skin  and coat needs. 

Shampoos, bar soaps, conditioner, coat 
spray, bug off and an awesome ear cleaner.

These products are great for your dogs, and are excellent fund raisers for clubs also.

Jaye @  NH Mushers you and Kathy are now talking? I think? I 'll go accordingly at the Show but we WILL TALK and Display These products also!!!


These products will knock out fleas!!!

I can offer you my Private Label versions when you get that all shaken out

Ok most of you mushers for sure are on the snow trails when the winter arrives-but for those of you who also train, just enjoy, do one and or the other sport-

 Hi Amy Duggan, as my old man memory starts to recall the names of your club members back when last met 2005-06 old stalwarts Christine ,Lydia, Whatley Gail  etc.

Back then skijoring and bikejoring were somewhat in their respective infancy's. 

Obviously over the last decade there are certainly more and more of you that are participating in the sports for whatever reasons, cross training, exclusively etc.

I get questions everyday about how my clients that have dogs that they walk, love the Liberty .

I have changed direction for my marketing of this innovative exclusive 1 of a kind medical device-Thus is how we are supporting BJ

They, in a couple of instances also enjoy skijoring and bikjoring-

SEE MY TESTIMONIALs -1 client there and many via my inbox-have inquired about long loop leashes , so they can utilize this one of a kind unique hands off control.

I thought of you Amy and Your store-we should maybe?? explore those options also.

In closing ,  to ALL clients I am rescheduled to tentatively once again get with BJ Ganem from Service Dogs for Heroes as we are going to reaffirm, mine and Bill Feldman, the manufacturer of the Liberty,   to our full commitment that we are going to do something with and for BJ and his very noble cause cause.

What I have also done in the interim, until BJ and I can talk, is secure some kind of open door policy with my manufacturers-

So they AND BJ, when given time to align schedules and so forth , can speak directly to see,  how me, and Bill  Feldman, MY Gals at ENP Wellness, Tanda and Rebecca can help BJ , even more so , and maybe with my other manufacturers  help also?.

With your openness as potential Mom and Pops, Brick and Mortar STORES can jump on board with new unique and holistic healthy products and support a good cause simultaneously.

Openness to explore options, maybe we can help get some significant dollars  generating towards  BJ and the Vets he is assisting.

Your club members, through volunteer donations, and by maybe soon buying my products are already contributing

So your purchases have a built in altruistic benefit for you-you are contributing through your purchases at my website.

MY benevolent manufacturers from ENP Well Canine-are waiting to at least explore options with BJ as perhaps, he can also help me market their products via my Private label version for now for animals.WELL CANINE and introduce you to Human Supplement

Silver Colloid great for hot spot more info tomorrow!

  ENP Well-dogs, cats, and horses liquid glucosamine, but they manufacture superlative human supplements  TOO.

 More opportunities for us all to potentially collectively assist BJ and his National Campaign through Pet Smart.

I will ask BJ about collection boxes and marketing material for my shows to have as table top collections for his cause!!

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