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September 2017

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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Nano Vibrational Technology for NOW

Nano Vibrational Technology Wave of The Now and The Future
My Grandpa Bill has also worked in The Fair Trade Coffee Business. 

He has also taught me about Fair Prices for Migrant Impoverished Coffee Growers in Brazil, Columbia, Tazmania and other places.

Grandpa Bill says to tell you about the affiliates

He also has told me about coffee the good the bad the known and the unknown.

He tells me about his Central Nervous System Disorder and his brain trauma. Grandpa tries to quit with Sacred Clay I have seen him take the clay.

 Grandpa taught me what an Intuitive is=
Mr . King is one.
 Grandpa always tells me to "Read and Heed"

There has been a large amount of published research lately trying to demonstrate the numerous health benefits of coffee. 

While the majority of these studies are funded by the coffee industry itself, leaving big questions about the authenticity of their claims, it is quite possible that some health benefits are actually derived from the regular use of coffee, and I will explain how this can be.

Yet, along with those benefits come a number of unpleasant side effects. 

Some are obvious to the many that have had to reduce their consumption down to one cup per day or less.

Some are not so obvious because they are not readily observable, being hidden in the deeper recesses of the body, or the side effects are not recognized as being associated to coffee intake.


In this article you will find a link to the MRI's that reveal the immediate effects of coffee on the brain. You will also see the images of SPECT Scans revealing effects on the brain from long term use.

Side effects to coffee consumption is increased dramatically when sugar, or pasteurized milk/cream, butter, or alcohol are added to the equation, and even more so if a pastry is consumed with it as well. 

Yes, sadly this is also true if all the ingredients are certified organic. I will further explain each of these as well. 

I understand that such indulgences are high on many people's list of favorite past times, my own included at one point, but to preserve my health, modifications have had to be made.

Several decades of trial and error have helped me to dissect the coffee habit rituals to the nth degree and discuss their upsides and downsides with some precision.

Health problem or health food? Here is what you need to know in order to sort fact from fiction in the world of coffee:

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the
World's Most Favorite Beverage
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-------  --  ------- Related articles: 
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Glutathione Levels in the Body

Nature's Gift of Longevity with Health Clay Comparisons 

What are the differences between Zeolite, Bentonite, Montmorillonite, Illite, French Green, Pascalite, Redmond, Terramin, Living, Fuller's Earth, Ormalite, Vitallite & Rectorite Clays? 

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The 3 Food Groups that Cause Harm to the Spleen
Energy levels, digestion, respiration, circulation, organ integrity, lymph, immune activity & nutrient assimilation are all improved by a healthy spleen. ----------
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