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10x Pure Exclusivity and patented my re entry into Corporate Sales


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Grandpa Bill talks about :CBD for Arthritis Pain Anxiety Stress Depression CBD for Pets and more

Choosing an effective Hemp Oil

and Affiliate Sales for Adahs Animal Products Promotion

Choosing an effective hemp oil

Full Spectrum vs CBD alone

Get all of the benefits of the whole plant

Buying organically sourced hemp is essential

Hemp is a bio-concentrator and absorbs toxins from

the soil

GMP Certified and 3rd party validation documents

Commercial Hemp oil

Only 6% of what is ingested gets into the blood stream

Hydrophilic 10x Pure hemp oil has markedly higher absorption rate backed by clinical studies


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Herbs and Clay for Detoxification, Whole Body Nourishment and System Building.

I will continue to campaign for Human Rights and Animal Rights-I also attempt to do my part altruistically through donations BH Sales is a SOLE PROPRIETOR my donations are generated from sales at this website!!

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Powerful Powders

Kennel Kelp Products Provide Pet Health Care Protection From Head To Toe-Head To Tail, Inside and Out, Outside and In!


One of the many monikers BH Sales utilizes is BH Sales provides products for your domestic dog or cat, and livestock, that covers your pet from head to toe, head to tail, inside out, and outside in.  






Superior-quality Kennel Kelp can improve growth rates as well as increase feed efficiency, nutrient absorption and milk quality and quantity. It improves the skin, and fur condition, while boosting the immune system.


Kennel Kelp is perfect for dogs of all ages, including show dogs! The product also enhances the benefits of supplements and special feeds. Kennel Kelp is the true foundation for your dog's nutritional needs.

6o + Trace Minerals

21 Amino Acids and much much more



BH Sales Kennel Kelp Custom Blends with CTFO CBD Oil SEE THE NEW WEBSITE NOW

Inside the human body, there's something called the endo-cannabinoid system that has receptors spread throughout the brain.

When these receptors are activated, they enable two-way communication between body systems; something previously thought to be impossible.

CBD is just one of over 85 cannabinoids that have been identified in the cannabis plant. It is becoming increasingly popular amongst the masses for having a wide scope of benefits – due to clinical reports showing little to no side effects and a lack of psycho-active effects (typically associated with marijuana products and high THC)​​​​​  Join my Blog Talk Radio Show for More Developments of Sacred Clay and CBD Oil Products

BH Sales Barnacle Bills Wild Maine Blueberry Powder more info at my todays Blog Talk Radio Show

Organic Wild Maine Blueberry Tea also known as "Sipping Blue Tea" is made right here in Stockton Springs, ME with their organic wild Maine blueberries and their hand harvested organic wild Maine blueberry leaves. Their Blueberry tea bags can be multi-steeped or enjoyed hot or cold. Their teas are a "Taste of Wild Maine".

All their teas, or "tisanes", are naturally caffeine-free,

except for their NEW Blue Green Matcha Tea.

Be sure to check out their MOFGA Certification too!

Theresa supplies my BH Sales Wild Maine Blueberry Powder we will soon be discussing teas and CBD Oil

BH Sales 2018-2019 Reflections

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                                                                                                                                                   BH Sales Kennel Kelp Announces Exclusive CTFO 10X PURE CBD Oil Formula  Value Added Business 

High Customer Support

Extensive knowledge 20+ years of optimizing to customizing specific customer needs and specific requests. Well Trained and Well Established collaborative ownership sales staffs, quality GMP production facilities, with longevity within the areas of sales, QC, manufacturing, purchasing and logistics.

Featuring brokered product lines that compliment and expand existing offerings

High Efficacy long customer retention providing extraordinary commitment to customers: 

Experienced with customer focus, supported through consistent communication and collaboration to assist in meeting customer expectations and product specifications 

Committed to long term supply of products offered                                                                       

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Personal View on CBD Oil for my Arthritis

BH Sales has found, both as a patient and a purveyor of CBD Oil , that what works best for one client isn't universal. Myself I like to vape and ingest CBD,  and navigate what feels best for my body,  as I am always experimenting with my other ingredients, herbs, clays, powders, and kelps.

This is to treat my arthritis!

BH Sales personally averages my  CBD intake anywhere from 1 to 4 doses a day or more, divided or taken at once. BH Sales has been in this form of self-care for a few years now, I suggest to my clients to usually look for results in about 2 weeks to a month to acclimate your metabolism to SACRED CLAY CLEANSE with CBD ADDED VIA TOURMALINE WATER.

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Custom Blends will empower the overall wellness journey for both human and pet through the use of BH Sales products the passion and commitment to help propel and re-align the introduction to fine herbs clays, sea vegetables, and more natural plant remedies.

BH Sales Kennel Kelp CTFO CBD and NON CBD Oils and MORE!

Interesting developments continue as this financially solvent ownership team offers an unbelievable business opportunity and or the option to simply be a client and enjoy a discount on these fine therapeutic products. BH Sales offers them separately and they will be included in BH Sales Custom Blend Products for both Humans and Animals

 I take these products for my own arthritis and  I administer them to my own two cats also.

BH Sales Promoting Good Health in All Animals and Humans

The Worlds Most Nutrient Laden Supplements

Creative Solutions for Holistic Health Care Products Distribution

Please Click On the above icons for the most unique opportunity to both help people, pets, and plants and Yourself TOO

BH Sales 50/25 Program BH Sales Code Direct To The Manufacturer

More Info at my Blog Talk Radio Show

The addition of my new products to be combined with the long standing and highly effective BH Sales Power Trio at the core this is the optimum discount package for my clients to enjoy locked in savings on high efficacy nutrient laden superfoods and supplements for the family, the pets, and the plants.


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The Blissful Dog and Blissful Horses All Natural Good Stuff For Your Dog & Horse

The BlissfulDog & Horses supports your dog & horses physically, mentally and emotionally with our individually handcrafted natural and organic products. 
Our mission is for your dog & horse to look + feel their blissful best every day

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Squeaky Clean Dog Soap Custom Blend New CBD Oil Infused

Does Your Dog Tend To Have Itchy Skin? Allergies? Or Random Skin Aggravations?

Do you prefer the more organic feel of a bar of soap?

Bye Bye Boo Boo Bar Soap for your dog's sensitive skin needs

Bye Bye Boo Boo Bar Soap features time-tested, herbal ingredients that work together to soothe your dog’s annoying skin irritations. Our natural soap has the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial power of Neem Oil and Herbal Oil Infusions for your dog’s with skin issues; itchy dry skin, oily seborrhea and rashes or dry patches.

Bye Bye Boo Boo Bar Soap Product Info

Handcrafted in the USA exclusively for The Blissful Dog

Each bar is 3.5-4 ounces of bathing fun

Includes a dog breed labeled storage tin

Stamped with The Blissful Dog seal of approval. Literally!

Your choice of Boo Boo puppy labels

Formulated to work with our own BOO BOO BUTTER and Boo Boo Spray

Handcrafted Using: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Organic Palm, Shea Butter, Castor Oil + Neem Oil, Infusions of Calendula, Comfrey, Chamomile & St. John’s Wort and Cedarwood, Cypress and Ylang Ylang essential oils.

Bye Bye Boo Boo Bar Soap is all the same formulation…the different labels are just for fun.

Bye Bye Boo Boo Bar Soap Puppy Label Options:

3 Cute Puppies




Dogue de Bordeaux

French Bulldog

German Shepherd

German Shorthaired Pointer

Labrador Retriever


I myself continue to embark on an even more clay varietal  based diet. Although, I have been doing this for a while now, up until this very recent juncture in my life, I have only utilized a small sampling of these fine nutritive clays.

I will be relying on my business constituent Michael Kings' very valuable first hand experience to help guide me.

All my BH Sales VH& C Private Label Versions of Michaels fine clays -must be by the case.

However, we have a direct to the manufacturer affiliate program just call Michael and his staff, enjoy their own in house special sales when applicable and get great advice too free of charge.

Under that premise just get back to me after you mentioned BH Sales to VH&C with your VH&C order particulars

That simple that easy you qualify for BH Sales 50/25 Program Virtual Vouchers!

BH Sales CBD induce Healthful Restful Sleep

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BH Sales Niche Marketing and Cross Promotion of Holistic Health Care Products

By Kennel Kelp Holistic Health Care

August 16, 2018 - 04:00:00 AM EDT

30 Minutes

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Key Components of Future Proliferation of Niche Marketing in Semi Retirement picking a niche has a lot of benefits. BH Sales has spent the first 7  months of 2018 being focused on one area that allows me to concentrate my efforts in one direction. I know what holistic health care products appeal to prospects in my specific audience… how to approach them with my marketing with laser-focus so that they are more likely to buy. At the same time, I am building expert status, which speeds up the process of my prospects coming to know, like, and trust BH Sales. That’s essential to turning prospects into paying clients through collaborative and cross promotional selling via joint marketing. I have established a strong affiliate marketing relationship, with a unique self devised BH Sales 50/25 Virtual Voucher Program

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BH Sales Kennel Kelp VH& C Ormalite Clay The Happy Clay

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BH Sales Eating Earthen Ormus and Drinking Tourmaline Water Opens The Heart

By Kennel Kelp Holistic Health Care

August 02, 2018 - 06:00:00 AM EDT

120 Minutes

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Ormalite helps us to stay focused on our true purposes in life Myself and Michael King from VH&C-my supplier both concur and call it the happy Clay. I personally have now incorporated this clay into my Sacred Clay Water with the amazing geological gem-Tourmaline Spring Water. I will highlight the natural "buzz" and sustained energy level this amazing combination from nature avails the mind,body and soul

Broadcast in Health

BH Sales Kennel Kelp The Athletes will soon come out in droves to endorse this PURE CBD Oil

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Thorvin delivers the most nutrient-rich kelp ingredients on the market for human, animal, and plant nutrition. We harvest from the cleanest kelp beds on Earth, and then dry and handle fresh harvests using exclusive methods that “lock-in” a powerful array of bioavailable minerals, vitamins, and beneficial phytonutrients. 

Learn more about the Thorvin Advantage and what makes us unique, including our sustainability commitment.


Thorvin sea vegetable ingredients elevate the nutrient density of food formulations and are valued in dietary supplements for mineral balancing, thyroid function, and weight management.

 Thorvin Kelp Fertilizers


Thorvin kelp ingredients for plant nutrition deliver trace minerals and nutrients essential for soil fertility and plant vigor. View Thorvin products for both dry and liquid formulations.

 Thorvin Kelp Animal Supplement


Add Thorvin kelp to your animal nutrition products to satisfy trace mineral deficiencies, support healthy skin and coat, and deliver 100% natural iodine for thyroid function.

Thorvin Animal Feed Supplements


Thorvin for Animals is the #1 natural trace mineral supplement for raising and maintaining healthy livestock. Also see our quality kelp ingredients for technical feed formulations.

We back our claims and commitments with independent third-party certification.

BH Sales Creative Solutions for Holistic Health Care Products Distribution

Learn More

BH Sales Power Trio  Kennel Kelp- Diatomaceous Earth Sacred Clay

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Custom Blends & Private Label-Extra Cost Savings  High Efficacy

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