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BH Sales Kennel Kelp for Animals and HUMANS 

Serving Pets and Their Owners for over 20 Years.


BH Sales CBD Oil

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BH Sales Isolate CBD OIL Drops

1500 mg

This is pure CBD Isolate, with a purity of approximately 99%.This Product has been known to target pain, anxiety, nausea, muscle spasms and seizure. This product contains ZERO THC, having no known side effects, which allows for safely consuming at a higher concentration-Peppermint Flavor

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           BH Sales CBD Pain Rub

                 Topical analgesic Hemp Oil CBD Pain Rub

BH Sales Pain Free-ze Rub
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BH Sales Primal Life Organics 50% Off Sale

My friend, Trina Felber, over at Primal Life Organics introduced me to the Quiver Sonic Facial Spa recently and I was BLOWN AWAY.

Quiver actually recharges your skin by using sonic vibrations that open pores, stimulate facial muscles, and help increase collagen production.

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BH Sales PHD Sea Miracle Combo 

BH Sales PHD

Scalar Energy Chip

Pure Health Defender for ALL people, pets, and plants, is a safe organic tool for ALL ages, breeds, and vegetation/soils plus. Please consult your Physician and/or Veterinarian, before implementing Pure Health Defender powered by SEA 7 TECH= Scalar Energy Atomic 7 Technology.

& Sea Miracle 7 118 nutrients

PHD Sea Miracle Combo
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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Vital Choice Healthy Meals and Supplements

Alaska is an incredibly beautiful, rugged, pristine place. Alaskan salmon are indisputably one of the last truly wild, naturally organic foods on earth. No other protein is so conclusively proven to promote optimum health and well being. In a time of industrially produced, nutritionally inferior foods, wild Alaskan salmon are abundant, pure and wholesome. As a BH Sales Vital Choice Client you will have "the wind at your back" with regard to product integrity and benefits.

Why become a BH Sales Vital Choice Client?

Vital Choice is the premier online source for high quality wild harvest seafood. Vital Choice is endorsed by hundreds of health and wellness experts and leading environmental organizations. BH Sales Kennel Kelp stands behind my products with a commitment to quality and service that is second to none, so does Vital Choice. 

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